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The hurricane Sandie in Russian or Who is she, this Ms. Reprezentation? The Russian TV channel Russia - 24 found time to look at a view from the City of the Winds

Esli by of the map of both America, would find a thing, surprising for itself: both America lie between two huge oceans, and on a crossing point of these two continents (in the narrowest part) there is a town where at water temperature over 26 degrees Celsius any hurricanes are accustomed to arise. Beginning

as tropical storm, they rush towards North America with an annual regularity - go as to work: on some tens during a season. So in North America both are ready to them, and got used. If the speed of wind exceeds 60 km/h, such tropical storm on bitchiness of the man`s contingent “meteorololgicheskikh“ services was moved to call by the female names in honor of beloved mothers-in-law, and only in 1979 in the list of recommended also man`s appeared. Hurricane the storm becomes when speed increases to 117 km/h.

Bears hurricanes (note the canal Russia - 24) force of warm wind. If in process of passing on the North she does not meet the meeting halfway Arctic cold front, then on the way to the city of Apple the hurricane usually already loses destructive force. Sandie in it was not lucky. The invigorating North svezhachok, hellouinsky passions - mordast and Russia channel - 24 warmed up an agiotage.

And now, which - that from personal experience: if it is snowing, then in the USA it is called a snow storm. If couple of rotten trees somewhere failed (which should be cut long ago!) it the hurricane blew over. If it is raining, then cars go on 15 miles an hour with the lit headlights. On all androids the signal “a polundra - weather disaster at the same time squalls, look for shelter!“. So was also to Katrina - a fig on water. And why the people died at Katrina - it is special conversation.

There is a rod post or panel board. On it it is written (in two languages at once: in English and in Spanish!) : The IDIOT, DO NOT GET - WILL KILL! Well and? Surely there will be a couple of idiots who will want to check - will kill or jokes!

the Child Sandie we waited for four days while she dealt with communistic Cuba and misbehaved on not well-groomed Bahamas. We knew that Sandie slowly goes on a rendezvous with the northern cold front on the worst of scenarios. Governors of states, mayors, aldermen of the cities begged the population of the flooded areas day and night to be evacuated. The clever coward people and made.

And now one more small retreat for the sake of media Ms. - representations: Sandie cost, according to preliminary data, 50 billion loss. The Russian blue screens show a porusheniye of the American dreams: the crumpled houses with a grass at the house, a voice-over solemnly mischievous: here is how nasty build, here is how nasty live, here such - rastaky America … But we here with a hand on pulse … you do not trust

A! Business here here what: you do not buy the house or a town - a house, without having insured it at the same time. Besides, your insurance will be insured by bank in other insurance company for a structure, and so up to the Federal reserve. The junk indoors is already your personal record, but usually in zones of flooding everything is insured.

People want to live as one at water and overlooking water. But this “marine“ costs an additional insurance, so-called “flood - an insurance“. And it is obligatory too. So, whether your house will burn down whether the Boeing will fail on it, whether will flood it in total - you receive its overall insurance cost. Plus to you will be paid by all accompanying expenses. The same with the car except that your filled-in car is not subject to sale by the insurance company which took away it from you any more: it is impossible to sell the car if it was filled in with water in the USA. (The owner can dry and yuzat the car further, but not insurance company.)

So, returned to the damaged houses. The majority of houses in the USA have first floors. Here also fills in them. Water pumping, drying and serious anti-mold processing becomes covered by an insurance. Wind usually damages windows and badly repaired roofs. At a speed of wind of 150 km/h God forbid zaparusit at least one site of a roof - there are dominoes further. In states where people got used to such winds, at the announcement of the next hurricane the people close boards of a window and check integrity of roofs. In the apple city got on a column with an inscription. City of untamed.

All columns of New - Jersey, New - York, Atlantic City were covered with the inscriptions “Do Not Get, Will Kill!“. Even I got up a column and persistently rang our relatives New - York (and all of them live directly on Brighton a berezhka overlooking a water smooth surface): children, leave, do not flirt with Sandie. But the inhabitant New - York will never understand the resident of Chicago, the city of winds. My relatives remained in darling Brooklyn. As a result days without light, without elevators, without the Internet, without communication, all cars are filled in in total. Miss! Though types on the filled-in Brodvok and storming ocean were fine.

And now about Russia channel - 24. Actually about Ms. - representation. As though it is more of nothing important in the Russian Federation occurs, except the American Sandie, they mounted on the same Brodvoke in Brooklyn the camera and 24/7 transferred strrrashny waves in a direct window. Periodically changed pictures to show poor - poor Atlantic City with a couple of the flooded streets where hammered manholes and water rose. Then transferred pictures of “catastrophic“ destructions: the logs which are taken out by a storm lie on the coast directly in front of the intact houses. (Them and at us povynosit on beaches nine-meter waves: glory to you my God, glory to you that all toplyak povyneslo for free and the lake now pure - it is possible to go safely huch the yacht, huch the boat).

Ah, the subway does not work! But only several branches from 23 did not work. Ah, Sandie turns to Chicago and the city prepares to monsteras - to a storm. Well, there was a storm, so not a seiche. Well and to whom it disturbed? And, the channel palmed off from time to time interview with spies of TV channel who on the Russian television told me how Sandie at the clear sun frays Chicago. And I will tell you how frays: all schools and offices worked, dzhoger jogged along a lake edge to spite of prohibition signs “do not get“. The people flocked on a berezhok to shoot huge waves for memory. Any android did not squall usual “polundra“.

And now question: what for?! Why it was necessary to tell tales, and with involvement of the Russian meteorologists who are praising highly conditions for accommodation in a midland of Russia where “such hurricanes and did not dream you“ why it was necessary to arrange the exaggerated agiotage around a hurricane, unpleasant, but usual for the USA, why it is necessary to doldonit about 50 billion loss without specifying that losses will lay down generally on private insurance companies, but not on the ordinary citizen. Why to force to lie false Russian eyewitnesses of a hurricane in Chicago and other cities of the USA? Well there was no Sandie in Chicago, well it did not go here. Or at me is with the canal Russia - 24 cards different.

I even in the next Indiana checked (these are 5 miles from border of the City of Winds): yesterday it was winded in a casino which, as well as is brought to the USA, takes place on the vessels moored tightly to the coast. I - that was lost, but the gambling ship stood “íĺďîęîáĺëčěî“, as well as all private yachts and yacht points.

All - I think, Halloween confused editorial office of TV channel. So during the following hurricane on duty write to me to Personal messages better (to whom interesting) that also you, readers, the Russian media Ms. - representation did not confuse. Or it was something else?