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You have an allergy to cash cards? Symptoms and treatment of

Cash cards appeared in our life rather recently, but already became its integral accessory. All have cash cards now practically: on cards charge a salary, pensions, the fees.

Are available even special cards to which it is possible to transfer electronic money, and in the ATM to receive usual according to such card, it is possible to use this card for payment of purchases in shops. And, of course, the more cash cards extend, the shortcomings of “rationing system“ come to light more.

Simple example. The Little Red Riding Hood to the grandmother came, and that is ill. “Take, a vnuchenka, my cash card, - the sick grandmother says to the Little Red Riding Hood. - Descend with it in shop, buy for me products“. The Little Red Riding Hood took the cash card of the sick grandmother, ran in shop, and there products did not sell to it. And even the militia was caused - for attempt of use of someone else`s cash card. It was necessary to rise, put on and go to the sick grandmother to police station - to help out the Little Red Riding Hood.

Besides, percent for service which are steadily removed by bank. And ATMs, by the way. And ATMs became impudent before that were moved to remove percent even when viewing the rest on the cash card. It means that every time when you approach the ATM just to find out - added to you a salary or still not, the ATM withdraws a certain sum as payment for help services. What does not cancel removal already of other sum when receiving cash by means of the same ATM - this time for transfer of non-cash money to cash. The sums cheap (especially help), but it is told that take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves. If so to be scattered by kopeks, then and rubles will never be.

And, of course, at many conservatives the active allergy to cash cards begins. It is a pity for own money. They, as we know, are not on a silver platter. And to give every time even if the minimum sum, but it is unknown for what, somehow strains mentality.

And it to appear on the place of the Little Red Riding Hood who only and wanted what to help the sick grandmother and as a result got to police station, nobody wants.

Here also the number of the allergic diseases connected with the cash card is multiplied. Not the last role in such allergies is played by the fact that the cash card is an additional opportunity for supervisory authorities to watch private life of citizens. And who wants that watched it? Here in that is continually …

on the other hand, the most part of such allergic reactions is not quite right. For example, in case of the Little Red Riding Hood. It is good if the lovely girl really decided to help the sick grandmother. And if it is not it? And if the lovely girl pulled down the cash card at the sick grandmother and simply tries to spend grandmother`s pension? And the poor sick old woman also does not know that she is impudently plundered at present.

A set of examples when husbands - alcoholics take away from wives a salary with the banal purpose - to spend on drink (the - that was spent on drink for the year ahead for a long time), without leaving in a family kopeks. Or children who plunder in the most real way the parents, taking away from them the last (and it is not always alcoholics or still some antisocial element, quite often - people quite externally decent, but deprived of any conscience). Or teenagers who tashchatiz to the house everything that badly lies, especially money …

the Cash card helps to get rid of such parasites. And the fact that under distribution quite adequate Little Red Riding Hood sometimes gets - what to do the law has to proceed in such cases from the worst, and for the Little Red Riding Hood it is offered - to issue quite legitimate exit the power of attorney and absolutely officially to use the grandmother`s bank card.

Besides if stole a purse with money from you, then money can be considered safely as missing irrevocably. And if at you took away the cash card, then swindlers have no place to learn a code (if, of course, you were not so obliging and did not show this code at negligent use of the ATM or did not write down it “for memory“ on a piece of paper which you hold together with the cash card). And one call to bank suffices - and your card will be blocked, and you will be able to receive new - with full preservation of all savings.

Cash cards it is much safer than cash. They do not demand the place for storage - any purses which, in turn, demand bags and so on. To get paid at its charge on the cash card, it is not necessary to stand turn in cash desk (the truth, sometimes is turns in ATMs, but it is already other history). The lost cash card is restored, the lost money - never. And so on - pluses a set.

And it is necessary to pay for safety and convenience. Without it anywhere. All know to what address there is a free cheese. It is also well-known that if cheese - is free, then it is not necessary to wait for anything good. Cash cards - not free cheese, and the service provided with their help costs money.

So you should not become covered by allergenic spots at the sight of the cash card. It is rather convenient piece. However, there is a control moment … But what to hide to the ordinary person? How many sausage he eats in a week? Especially as at desire it is always possible to draw cash from a card and to spend them absolutely anonymously. And - any allergy.