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Archipelago of SOCOTRA. Unearthly Miracle of the planet.

Socotra - one of the most isolated archipelagoes in the world of a continental origin.
illyustratsiya1 Unclear plants set thinking and believe
in an extraterrestrial life form. The archipelago of Socotra (Yemen), no doubt, is the strangest place on our planet. Any representations, about a landscape, normal for Earth, disappear for fractions of a second here. If somehow early in the morning you would wake up not in the bed, and on open spaces of Socotra, you would not believe for anything that you are on Earth; unearthly, alien the landscape of the mysterious archipelago is so unusual.
The matter is that the last 6,7 million years the archipelago of Socotra was isolated from the mainland of Africa that could not but affect development of its flora and fauna. It is enough to mention that all land mollusks, a third of plants and about 90% of reptiles - endemics, that is meet only on these islands. Any more you will not find anything in the world of similar anywhere.
Being six islands, it settles down in the Indian Ocean about 250 km to the east from the coast of Somalia and approximately in 350 km to the South from Arabian Peninsula. UNESCO officially recognized the largest island of Socotra in 2008 as the Wonder of the world and declared the territory of world heritage. Its extent from the West on the East of 120 km, and width does not exceed 40. Internal areas of the island gorist. The plateaux which are cut up by deep valleys in places have flat descents to the stony coastal valleys bordered with white sandy beaches, and places abruptly break in the sea. Now behind the archipelago the glory of botanical paradise was strongly approved and therefore often it still call “Galapagosami of the Indian Ocean“. there is no
On Socotra predators. Long geological and biological isolation of Socotra, strong heat and drought, storm seasonal monsoons from May to September, noticeable mitigation of climate in winter months and special climatic conditions in mountainous areas created on the island unique endemic flora (vulnerable for the delivered types and climate change). More than a third from nearly 800 species of plants on Socotra do not meet any more anywhere.
Socotra broke away from the African lithospheric plate about 40 million years ago, approximately at the same time when the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden lay between Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Many species of plants of Socotra are a miracle the splinters of the most ancient florae which disappeared on the continent escaped in the conditions of island existence.
Is possible, the most valuable and legendary plant having huge culturally - historical value for the island, the incense is the period of blossoming of trade in an incense in the Roman Empire when the incense was burned in tons during religious practices Sank into the past. But also today sokotriyets collect fragrant pitch of palmar trees with big pride and respect. illyustraiya2
One more of the most remarkable plants - Sokotrovo drakonovo a tree (Dracaena cinnabari) in the form of a huge umbrella. illyustratsiya3,4.
Exists a hypothesis that the word Socotra came from two Arab words - Al - Souq (market) and Qatra (drop) as in ancient times the island was well-known for pitches of the trees of an incense growing on it, Myrrha and a draconian tree. One of the brightest plants on Socotra a tree - Blood of a dragon (Dracaena cinnabari) which has a bizzare shape in the form of an umbrella
Blood of a dragon is used by sokotriyets as strong styptic and antibacterial means. illyustratsiya5.
considered its red juice as blood of ancient dragons, it was popular as medicine and paint, and today juice of this tree is used as paint and a varnish. illyustratsiya6