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Women are pumas. Who is it?

the Cougar (Cougar) - one more name of a puma. Pumas live and hunt alone. They can easily fill up a deer or an elk But in the American English the word “cougar“ has one more value. So call women of mature age who achieved success in professional and business activity, without having lost at the same time desire to achieve happiness and in private life.

at the same time they actively look for the partner not only (and not so much) among age-mates or men is more senior than them on age how many among young people. Also find! The age difference in similar couples makes 20, and even more years. It causes any idle talks and gossips, but does not confuse ladies - tigress. Moreover, they consider that they quite have the right for such behavior which would be considered reprehensible and dissolute only ten years ago.

Though if to ponder, in what here debauchery? And in the 20th century, and in XIX quite decent for the man was considered to get a family, having only reached certain ranks and ranks. The seventeen-year-old girl, innocent and young was considered as the suitable wife. The good ranks allowing to feed family, the man reached usually to years to forty - forty five, it is not difficult to count an age difference in such marriages. The same 20-25 years, and even it turned out more! And society considered that it is in the order of things.

But presently, and with considerable success, are busy with building of career as well women. They win the place in the sun to the same forty - forty five years. And here, when this place is won, “puma“ is able to afford to be engaged in the device of own private life. And as most of peers “are already busy“, the sharp-sighted look and uncommon scent of a wild kitty addresses there where young kittens frolic. And so there are also families in which the husband is 20-25 years younger than the wife.

However, the uneven-age family where the wife is much more senior than the husband, will hardly bring forth offspring. But ideologists of “kuguarstvo“ claim that the modern family is established not so much for the purpose of a reproduction, how many for personal pleasure. Besides, the lady - a tigressa lived not in vacuum. Usually by that moment when it comes for searches of happiness, on “personal account“ at it several marriages and two - three adult children can be registered. She fulfilled the duty to society. As for the young husband, he can postpone “reproduction“ for some time, having given a heat of youth and young enthusiasm to the senior girlfriend. (Without bothering creation of children at that age when to men to create them not really - that and there is a wish.)

Similar ideology and a word of “cougar“, the columnist of the Toronto Is Old newspaper Valery Gibson (Valerie Gibson) entered into use . Gibson was born in England in 1939. What only she had not to be engaged in! She was even a professional underwater diver. In 1974 after the beloved she moved to Canada where she achieved popularity as the journalist writing on subjects of sex and relationship. In 2001 its book “the Puma was published. The guide for mature women to acquaintance to young men“ (“Cougar: A Guide For Older Women Dating Younger Men“) . Then the book made impression frivolous and even sexist.

Usually western women brand attempts of men “to push“ the woman on certain public positions, as if the nature for it created: children, kitchen, bed. But here their heightened sense of social justice worked in the opposite direction. How it is possible to consider young men only as pleasant sexual partners?! Not to pay attention to their hopes, dreams, vital aspirations?

“And here so!“ - Gibson told. And in the book urged women to concentrate more on own feelings and desires. As it is usually done by men.

The book played a big role in that the women who are looking for the partner expanded age brackets of search of possible candidates and just found self-confidence. Without saying that thanks to Valeria Gibson the word “cougar“ got new sense, and in the American public consciousness the new type of women took roots.

What distinctive features are peculiar to this type?

1. Nonconformism and unwillingness to follow traditions. These women possess sober mind and are not afraid to ask inconvenient questions and “to overstep the bounds“. Who told that in 40-50-60 years female life is already over? All speak? But if I do not feel that my sexual requirements decreased or ran low, so can be, the public opinion is mistaken?

It is necessary to tell that the public opinion gradually began to concern to such women if not with sympathy, then with understanding. In 2005 according to newspapers and magazines the sensation rustled. 42 - summer Demi Moore (Demi Moore) married Asheton Kutcher (Christopher Ashton Kutcher) who then was 27 years old. Thanks to this event tolerant western society became tolerant to belong also to it here to very uneven-age families.

2. Ambitions and commitment . Women are “pumas“ - as a rule, business women. All their considerable achievements are their own work and own fight. Therefore the task to win the young man does not seem to them impracticable. And, as a rule, they achieve the planned objective.

3. Reasonable egoism . These women are not going to endow themselves as it was often done by their mothers. They love themselves, care for themselves. Therefore they can look attractively and sexually even at absolutely not early age.

They are perfectly informed on one physiological fact. The vagina does not grow old. And the young man who is regularly “treated“ with sex ceases to pay attention to many defects of appearance age allegedly soon enough. Moreover, these features of the girlfriend begin to light his passion.

And sober mind and sense of humour of the partner do not allow to start missing in breaks between sexual storms.