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Music. What does it mean in my life?

Not so long ago I asked someone from acquaintances the question “You Know without What I, Really, Could Not Live?“ the interlocutor looked at me, having shown lack of information in my vital interests. And I answered - “Without muzyk and …“
In 19 years I already understood that it is possible to wean from the person in spite of the fact that thought - I will not be able to live without it. Everything is possible. Difficult, but it is achievable., It seems, it was possible to tell that I will not be able to live without creativity, but I am engaged in it not every day and when my mood disposes to it. And music - it always with me. It everywhere: houses when I am engaged in a priborka, at work - a background, in transport adjusts for the forthcoming day, on the street &ndash in the morning; from the car passing by or reaching from cafe, in the neighboring apartment shouts, without allowing to sleep … It everywhere and always. Under it it is possible to long, remembering happy minutes from the past when behind a window it is raining or to come off in night club under incendiary hits. And very often concrete memories of any event, a certain person are connected with a certain melody. Unlike some people - music always is near us. “music is traces on which life can return at different times“. The song - and you will play as if you are transferred there … In difficult moments us only music understands
. Parents reprimand, friends far, and music with you. Sometimes and there is a wish to tell: “Expensive music, thanks that was near when all others left …“ of
Depending on mood we listen to music of different genres. Priest, fate, rap, classics, by the way (!) very seldom listening to classics, once I spent the whole day under its accompaniment, performing a creative task in preparation for offset, very well there was a business.
A as we, girls like when it is sad, to listen to sad music that it was even worse! Also it is desirable to put the same song on repetition... so it is more effect. Without music it would be difficult to live, agree.
Music washes away away from soul dust of everyday life. Music, like a rain, a drop behind a drop filters into heart and recovers it. … And sometimes so there is a wish to go. It is simple to go anywhere. In the car, the bus or the train. To listen to music and to look at the trees floating by, fields, clouds. Day and night, to go, go and go. That nobody touched. Anybody...