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In all strategy of poker by the basic concept are chances (odds). It shows degree of probability of arrival to the player of the necessary cards. The knowledge of chances is required in order that the rate was profitable and that it became only in case a rate chances more bank. Not to exchange significant concept of poker are chances of bank or pot odds. They are defined by division of a rate which the player needs to make, for the sum of bank.
Chances of bank can be both positive, and zero and negative. In case of negative chances of bank refusal of game and dropping cards will be more favorable. At zero chances of bank all the same whether the player will answer a rate or will dump cards as the profit all the same will not be at implementation of any of these actions. Positive chances of bank assume implementation of a rate, such decision will be mathematically favorable and profitable. It is only necessary to stake in case chances of the player are higher than chances of bank. Thus, before implementation of a rate, it is necessary to make an assessment of the held combination, it is good to think over whether it has chance to improve to advantageous and to count chances of bank. Only after performance of all these actions it is worth making the decision on implementation of a rate. Chances happen also discounted and potential. The discounted chances call still valid as at their calculation only already brought rates are considered. Potential chances still differently are called estimated chances as at their calculation also rates which only allegedly will be made by players on the subsequent circles of trade are considered. That it is correct to calculate them, it is necessary to consider the opponent`s type, a position, the sizes of stacks and degree of a zamaskirovannost of your good hand. Here you will need knowledge of some things: in - the first, the card which has an opportunity to improve your hand can make the same and with a hand of your rival, having given him in hands stronger combination of cards. In - the second if the rate made by you does not become the last at this stage, there is a probability that the following participant of game will raise a rate. And at last, in - the third, it is necessary to consider that this circle is not the last, there is a possibility of obtaining the necessary map that will give the chance to rely on Rivera or to raise the opponent`s rate that will lead to a prize of additional money.