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How to overcome fear of flights on the plane?

In this article I continue consideration of an aero phobia, that is panic fear of flights on the plane.

we Will talk about engines, is more true - about their reliability. More reliable mechanism, than the jet aviation engine, probably, does not exist. So in you weed an engine failure treats almost impossible event.

Moreover even if one of two engines will stop, then modern airliners can reach without problems the airport on one engine and quietly land.

Such case happened once personally to me. I flew from Mineralnye Vody to Kiev on Tu - 124. I will remind that this plane has two engines. In about 20 minutes after take-off the stewardess reported that from - for weather conditions of Kiev the plane comes back to the airport Mineralnye Vody.

After that the plane somewhere 40-50 turned minutes in air. Frankly speaking, I understood that it is not Kiev to weather, and in something another. Because logically time of return to the airport would have to equal to time which passed from take-off until a turn back. As I guessed, it was necessary to develop surplus of fuel when landing.

Nevertheless, the plane safely landed, and already on the earth I learned that we sat down on one engine. And that not because of its refusal, and for malfunctions of the sensor of oil. Pilots switched-off the engine, according to the instruction.

By the way whether you know that even at a stop of all engines (a case almost unreal in itself - for the last 30 years of cases of a stop of all engines of the plane in flight it is not recorded) the plane can plan even 40-50 minutes from height of 10 000 m and make landing at the nearest airport?

So the plane cannot fall in principle. It and is called therefore: the plane - itself flies. Remember the whole division of sports aircraft - gliders. Any motors - exclusively samoletany.

Though in 2009 the case of a stop of both engines took place. Right after take-off from New - the York airport La Guardia the plane flew in pack of geese, birds got to air inlets of turbines, and engines failed. The crew with idle engines safely put the plane to the river Hudson, and nobody suffered.

Aha, you will tell - here you see, nevertheless happens! And to fly it is absolutely unsafe
Yes, it happens. There is in the world nothing what would guarantee to 100% safety. Aircraft including. But a question here in probability of this or that event.

There are concrete figures. Every day in the world about 140 000 flights are carried out. It is about 48 000 000 in a year. At the same time 5 000 000 000 passengers are transported.

Also the statistics dying in aviation incidents is known. These are about 500 people a year. In all countries - from Zimbabwe to the USA.

At the same time also the statistics on dorozhno - to transport incidents in the world is known. These are 1 500 000 people a year.

As you see, figures are simply incomparable.

That is statistics on air flights is as follows: one dead on 10 million transported passengers - 1:10 000 000.

In other words, one dead on the city with 10 - the million population. Let`s take, for example, Moscow. Though in Moscow the population more, but for an example we will consider this city.

Besides there is a statistics according to which in Moscow unnatural death about 20-30 thousand people annually die. Let`s consider that 25 000. Then the ratio will be they are 25 000: 10 000 000.

Thus, life in Moscow in 25 thousand times is more dangerous, than weeds by plane. The average resident of the capital has risk to leave life, moving on a minibus or lying in the bed, in 25 000 times more, than sitting in a chair of a modern airliner.

As you can see, danger of air flights is strongly exaggerated.

I gave literally several examples of the fact that the fear of flights has under itself neither logical, nor statistical bases.

But people there are people. And emotions sometimes prevail over common sense. Therefore many people subject to an aero phobia solve the problem cardinally - by means of refusal of air flights. In the justification they declare: “I am afraid to break“.

However this state can quite successfully be overcome if to use the correct technique. In the symptoms fear of flights is similar to claustrophobia: the strengthened heartbeat, sweating, at one thought of flight begins to scold fear. Fortunately, by means of trainings it is possible to win forever against the fear to fly, as well as any other phobia.

Around the world there are special centers for overcoming of an aero phobia. One of them is in Moscow. By the way, this center surpasses in the number of the people of any of the similar centers of the world visiting him.

So overcoming of the fear of flights caused by exclusively own emotions is not something unreal and it is quite possible if the person subject to an aero phobia, that wants.