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Let`s embody dream in reality?

When you last time dreamed? And when last time your dreams came true? Long ago? And not completely? And not as you would like? Well, I offer the step-by-step instruction for execution of “Dreams“.

1. the Most important and very first. Turn on the TV, go on-line, find, eventually, a disk. Also look. Look at the comedy. Yes, comedy. Not Roberta Kiyosaki “How to grow rich in 60 minutes“, namely the comedy. No matter, there will be it “Office romance“ or “Interns“.

Stop enduring and gnawing nails from - for the fact that nothing is impossible to you. Have fun! Release the dream in free floating, you do not hold more it claws. Forget it, you will rip out of the heart!

2. it is fine! This smile and gloss of your eyes - what is necessary! Now take your most favourite handle in hand. Took? And now this handle write the history “How I Had in Hands a Magic Wand, and I Could Do Everything“ on a clean sheet of paper. You have nothing to mourn: you have in hands a magic wand now. Order everything that want! But! Attention! Order that it is really necessary for you, what will make you happy. It is not necessary to stock up with stuff, just that “was“! Without madness and fanaticism! As if you tell children the fairy tale for the night.

3. If all of you carry out correctly, then now stay in easy euphoria and, maybe, you even wanted to go to a disco. And it is correct. Half-affairs it is already made. You wrote the fairy tale, and this fairy tale has every chance to become reality. You know what you want. You know what has to become your new life. And, the most important, you are happy already now. Are unhappy? Then return to the first two points. Now are ready?

4. So. In such lung, a joyful state we get magazines, newspapers, we find pictures in the Internet. Also “we glue“ the dream on a big sheet of paper. But! I will repeat! Only the fact that it is really necessary for you. And! Any reasonings “will be - will not be“, “and can it is not necessary“, “and can then“. Just glue!

In the center - your photo. Under your photo (“in the south“) we place the pictures connected with career. If you want to become the head of investment company, then place, for example, the picture with smart office on the 100th floor and a “presidential“ chair … It for example.

Over the photo (“in the north“) - everything that is connected with glory, success … Nobel Prize, Oscar, crowds of admirers, etc. We glue!

If you become facing your photo, then in the east from it there will be a zone “Creativity and Children“. What picture appears in the head when you say “Children“? Also place it on a board of desires. It is ready? I see - I see! Fine! Well, and as nature you creative, glue the corresponding picture.

And now we will pass to your family. What it? How you spend together time? What family you want to establish? Found pictures? Arrange them to the west from own photo.

Also we will continue … Severo`s
- the West - wealth. Severo`s
- the East - love, marriage. Hugo`s
- the West - wisdom, knowledge. Hugo`s
- the East - travel, assistants, friends.
A in the center, near your photo, - health.

It is ready? Created the new life? Great! Easy alarm? It is a little doubts? And at the same time pleasure?

5. hang up your board of desires to the secluded town Now. So that only you could see it generally. Hung up? It`s cool!

6. And the last … It is very important. Relax and derive pleasure from life. Forget about alarms and doubts! If you look periodically at the card of desires, then represent that everything already occurred. How to you in new life? What are you engaged in? Where you have a rest? Where there is your Oscar? How are you doing? Remarkably!

Well, and time everything already came true, it is possible to start creation of the new card of desires.

Progress! And good mood!