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Who are such forest people of the yeti? Conversation with the Teacher of MM

Yetti is people of the first race?

There is no MM! This is the person of the second race, but not the first. The person of the first race - tonkomaterialny, physically - invisible. People of the second race - huge shaggy beings, three meters of growth, live in parallel with modern race of people. They live in caves, eat vegetable food, winter in long hibernations as bears, but not in dens, and caves. They are able to mask and use skills of the first race - do themselves invisible in case of need to avoid a meeting with people of other race.

There is no need to disturb these people the frequent visits. It is possible to render them some services in respect of simplification of their life in the severe nature. It is possible to leave for them on foregrounds objects which can be useful to them in difficult life. But violent communication can cause need to these beings to leave the rendered habitable places.

How they become invisible? Whether the modern person can learn this art?

MM the Modern person lives in absolutely other vibrations, than the existing nature. If people lived in a taiga, ate vegetable food, drank river water, would breathe air of the nature and would be in hierarchy of live and reasonable Spirits of the nature and stikhialiya then they could possess similar skills. But all trouble of the modern person in that also consists that he LEFT all Reasonably - electromagnetic hierarchies of light sense and by that made himself the derelict in the Nature.

Imposing of frequencies of one general frequency regime creates additional energy of the BARRIER in the visible range of light. It even not art. Simple need in the conditions of accommodation for taiga conditions. Owls, foxes, wolves possess such trick. And the forest person whom you call the yeti.

Whether now on Earth there is the First race of people?

The MM Streams of all races constantly arrives to the planet. Now on Earth there are also representatives of the First, Second, Third and Fourth races. There are also representatives of the Fifth and Sixth races, but they arrived to the planet for service to affairs Sveta.

Under what conditions people pass into higher race?

MM In order that the person from the First race could pass into race higher - the Second, to it it is necessary to pass all way of evolution of its first octave concluded in a light code at the red level, the corresponding chakra to a sakhasrara. When the way of spectral fullness of this level reaches the level of higher octave, the person of the First race passes into an evolutionary stream of the Second race at first on its red, then orange, yellow, … and so until the end of a full octave following charkas after a sakhasrara.

Thus, ascension from race in race contains in you accumulation of color contents of everyone chakry of Seven of which the human consciousness is formed, including all previous. So the person of the Sixth race contains in the consciousness all seven octaves in the consciousness filled with light keeping of the most perfect and focused strictly in the direction of Absolute Light in Hierarchy Sveta of Solar system.

What opportunity to photograph the yeti to show them to all other world and to refuse the Darwin theory?

The MM of Photos of the yeti exists great variety. But the most part from them is secret and is not exposed for discussion as imposes responsibility on the scientific world for false data on an essence of evolution and on the person in his true nature. The Darwin theory is already ostracized and derided by many light scientists, but the system of darkness will hold up to the end the positions which allow it to keep the world in obedience and delusions.

What people correspond to the third race?

MM the Third race is shown on Earth by Bush`s people - bushmeny in Australia, and it is also possible to carry some people of Africa to this race, but with a big stretch as the most part of the people of Africa represent the groups which are artificially created for a hard work in mines in which the lawful code of evolutionary formation of the person was not used. The African tribes have the restriction in respect of growth of consciousness put by their demonic alien “creators“. The most part of these people is limited in growth of consciousness at the gene level and not entered in “the book of life“.

Who people of the Fourth race?

The MM People of the fourth race is a bulk of people of the world in all countries. The fourth race approached the fourth level - the corresponding green color in a green chakra with transition to blue level. The physical person with open chakry a solar plexus, filled with vibrations from red till green color, moves to a level of blue compliance in the fourth charkas now. It needs to pass both blue and violet level to the perfection to approach a new step - the person of the Fifth race.

Who people of the fifth race? How they can be recognized?

MM People of the Fifth race are people who are capable to make live thought forms. The same ability also people of the Sixth race, but their ability have higher and are beyond modern outlook. People of the Fifth and Sixth race are forced to be embodied in bodies of the fourth race. And from it they has the mass of the inconveniences and restrictions connected with need to be formed since the childhood in system of darkness, in the conditions of restrictions of mass consciousness, and also in patrimonial karmic accumulation of their families in which they are embodied to physical life.

Discrepancy of conditions of mass level of consciousness of the Fourth race creates for people of the Fifth and Sixth race many painful barriers and restrictions. Therefore they often leave system and society and become derelicts or hermits. People capable to create live thought forms - Rodomysla. They create basic mental reality everywhere at all times and at all people. They are honored and extolled after their leaving. But often expel and beat stones during lifetime. Torches - representatives of the Sixth race are people who have in the usual physical body given them by a sort from the fourth race, consciousness the highest for planetary Hierarchy. Usually these people literally shine, create an aura of pleasure, rest, grace around themselves. They work wonders, from the point of view of the inhabitant, they often act as Saviors, Benefactors, Leaders, Educators and are esteemed among inhabitants of the Fourth race as Gods.

The special torture brings to representatives of the Fifth and Sixth race on Earth their imperfect body which bears in itself rudiments of all diseases, a karma and defects of their sort. Corporal illnesses often demand from representatives of the Fifth and Sixth race to restrain a body. To minimize his requirements. To open in it the special reserves connected with consciousness level. Such trained and schooled long to trainings of a body (somata), remain in deep caves of Tibet, especially for possible application of their physiological practices in a new Era, as standards for fast overcoming of the shortcomings which are saved up by physical bodies at the time of a darkness era.

Whether it is possible to determine race by a blood range?
of MM Blood has compliance with vibration accumulation of consciousness of the person. The person of the fourth race has blood with prevalence of green part of a range. The person of the fifth and sixth, in case of special training of a body and its leading to perfection of the consciousness which is built in in it, gains higher qualities of corporal manifestation and color of a range of blood, but such trainings can also be pernicious for imperfect physiology of the fourth race.

A transmutation - the only way of overcoming of such imperfection, but in evolutionary term only not much were successful such transmutations. The most part of representatives of the Sixth race perished from - for discrepancies of vibrations of consciousness - the GETTING character and rough physics of a body. Blood diseases, oncology of bodies, What frightening receptions of an etta use huge pressure differences, here painful tests for high consciousness of
concluded in an imperfect body
… for intimidation of people?

MM of the Yeti live at the level of an instinct - an animal survival where the fear is important very much. The intimidation made by the yeti is an initiation of vibrations of corresponding frequency which respond in the person of the Fourth race deep natural fear in the lowermost - an animal chakra. The person begins to resound in this range instinctively, just catching a message from the yeti. Therefore if the fear unexpectedly covered the researcher, it is necessary to find a way consciously - the highest consciousness, to overcome this fear. Then the yeti will not be able to own a situation more.

Whether there were cases of attack of the yeti on people?

MM People very impudently and annoyingly climb to the yeti to get interesting material for momentary sensation. Attack of the yeti on people of higher races, certainly, were and more than once. Nobody is forbidden to be protected from uninvited guests.

In the south of Krasnoyarsk Krai the cave in which allegedly there lived cannibals was found. Whether were in this cave of the yeti?
of MM of Yetti live everywhere in a taiga of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Yakutia. Caves - the most favourite and suitable place for parking of an etta. If yetis begin to accept in food of animals, then and the person can fall their victim. Food by meat are latest “achievement“ of the yeti. Earlier they manage only vegetable food. But a huge number of the fires and incidentally burned down in their corpses of animals became favourite food of an etta. But as they cannot make fire, and their food nevertheless is limited to a phytogenesis.

What habits and skills of the yeti will be useful to people of higher races?

People can use MM skills of the yeti IN the consciousness which was heated in the Spirit bowl at everyone who is in an evolution stream on Earth as the person. EVERYTHING that is comprehended by yetis just now, for the person of higher race already is last achievement. Therefore no skills of the yeti should be adopted specially. And it is just necessary to make active the ancient memory to solve problems of animal requirements of a body.