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Having learned a provincial creative of

about arrival of the Governor, the head of the area urgently collected meeting of the administration.

- Means so. All here sitting have to think up urgently, than we this time will be able to surprise our distinguished guest. Voronkov, that you can offer.
Rose the deputy head Kostya Voronkov, scratched a nose bridge.
- It is possible to accelerate start of pump station. There will arrive the Governor, will press the red button and …
- And shit will go on pipes, - the head of the area continued thought of the deputy. - And then all regional newspapers will be written that the Governor channelized right to a shit stream from the area. Fool you, Voronkov. Sit down. What will tell department of culture?
- We thought up various competitions during the holiday “Governor`s Phenomenon to the People“. The officials accompanying our guest also can participate in competitions. So, for example, who katant cart wheel further. Competition “Big Kickback“. - the department of culture reported.
- Too silly woman, - the Head summarized. - Good, sound and not really expensive creative is necessary. The governor does not love a facade. He loves real life. Therefore, we will show it our new fire brigade. Also it is desirable to arrange fast and effective suppression of the small fire directly during visit. What will we extinguish? We think, we think … Voronkov not to sleep!
during entry of a train of the Governor into the settlement, Kostya Voronkov, according to earlier approved plan set fire to the trash cans which are in the yard of the building of administration and right there 01 called. From a fire brigade towards to the Governor the only fire truck in the settlement right there took off.
Whether the driver of the pumper got a fright the administration, whether still that, but the car right after departure from part died out and refused to be got more at all.
the risen wind inflated Meanwhile the burning garbage and fire at first was thrown on garage of administration, then on the building of the District Department of Internal Affairs and from it on a fire brigade. All these structures burned down completely within several hours.
the Governor admitted then to the wife that still in one district of the area it had no brighter meeting.
A the Head of the area with melancholy thought:
“Is better we, as well as everything, started up shit on pipes. Skreativil, your mother“ …