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What style of James Bond? Cinema and man`s fashion of

October, 1962 - the beginning of an era of Bondiana which proceeds already more than 50 years. 22 movies about adventures of the main character - James Bond were during this time shot. Considered that every second inhabitant of Earth saw at least one series about the secret agent of Her Majesty of the English queen. What style of the agent 007 and whether it is actual today? we Will try to answer with

this question. At first we will tell No a little about leading men in movies about James Bond. Them was exactly six so far. The image of the agent 007 and his special style were embodied by actors famous to us.

Many fans of works of Ian Fleming consider by the best James Bond Scot Sean Connery. The first performer of a role of the agent 007 acted in 7 pictures, starting with “Doctor No“, and the audience of Bondiana accepted him enthusiastically.

Now very few people remember the Australian actor George Lazenby. It succeeded Sean Connery in 1969 and only once acted in the movie “On a Secret Service of Her Majesty“. It is necessary to tell that this movie failed in hire. However, his hero is good the fact that he once was model. It is the only picture where James Bond should marry.

Roger Moore was offered for a role of the agent 007 by the author of Bondiana Ian Fleming. This actor, as well as Sean Connery, acted in 7 movies too. It was remembered to the viewer by stridently blue eyes and the thin sense of humour and irony. By the way, Roger Moore too once came to a podium as model.

Timothy Dalton who acted in 2 movies became the fourth performer of a role of the agent 007. He is the only James Bond who was not nominated for one cinema award. But received quite high royalties.

To fans of Bondiana Pierce Brosnan who acted in 4 pictures was fallen in love in a leading role. It, stylish and with a spark in eyes, many consider after Sean Connery as the best Bond. Movies with its participation were the most cash.

The last film about James Bond “The mercy quantum“ was removed in 2008. Here the agent 007 to the viewer Englishman Daniel Craig is depicted. The movie “Casino Grand Piano“ which appeared two years earlier became the first picture where he played. Recently continuation of Bondiana from it followed we will speed up in a picture “007: Coordinates of “Skayfoll“. Of course, the present youth considers that the best James Bond is Daniel Craig. Its image embodies the agent of intelligence agencies of today.

What it is possible to tell here? All actors who played James Bond are good in own way. However we will return to style of the agent 007 and his image which became known, probably, to the whole world. This is the charming man dressed, occasionally, in a tuxedo or a fashionable suit of that time in which clothes and accessories everything is thought over to trifles, beginning from blue Italian swimming trunks and phone in a heel of fashionable shoes and finishing an ampoule with poison in expensive cuff links.

The clothes of the agent 007 are rather wide and far are beyond an official suit. James Bond is elegant always, even out of formal receptions, in the casual clothes. For leisure and rest he prefers light jackets from soft fabric. In the heat of fights with world villains and their servants that the suit did not hold down the movement, we see it in clothes of sports style. The evening image of the agent 007 was remembered to us in his visits to a casino. Here on the special agent the tuxedo with ideally ironed white shirt and a dark butterfly is put on. Well and in each movie about James Bond`s adventures there are scenes where the help of the costumier was not required. The naked torso of the agent 007, despite years, remained always in an excellent form.

All Dzheymsa Bonda wore the clothes with indispensable elegance. Costumiers of movies about the secret agent 007 with the right for murder managed to avoid faceless casual style, so popular in 90 - x. Of course, also James Bond`s clothes over the years changed, it had to correspond to the time.

The fact that in the first movies about the agent 007 in his clothes elements from Ian Fleming`s clothes were used is interesting. The author of Bondiana as the former military, had the commitment in man`s fashion. He best of all understood how officers when they have a rest put on or work under cover. Ian Fleming advised designers to use in clothes of the agent 007 style of a safari which was so popular with all Bonds in 70 - e years.

What it, agent 007 suit? In Bond`s movies dressed in white with a gray polo, cashmere cardigans with a collar shalky, in beige or cream trousers and always ideally ironed out silk shirts which so perfectly look on Danijel Craig. Nevertheless the special agent could be seen in the movie “On a Secret Service of Her Majesty“ dressed in the Scottish kilt.

It is a pity that now the man`s part of our youth ceased to follow style of the agent 007 at least partially. Remember at least trousers with motnyoy, the pulling together calves and as a result doing a bottom of huge. Or the tight jackets crashing armpits and fitting a torso as a space suit.

Especially strong influence of style of the agent 007 on man`s fashion was in 90 - e years. Let`s remember hours James Bond - OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean. They are still carried by many rich men, for example, Roman Abramovich. Let`s remember also the favourite car of James Bond - Aston Martin db5 which for the first time appeared in the movie “Goldfinger“ (1964). And the well-known cocktail of James Bond with which it satisfies thirst during fascinating game in poker in the movie “Casino Grand Piano“? It is “Vesper“: Gordon`s gin - 3 parts, vodka - 1 part, Kina Lillet Vermouth - 1/2 part, a lemon and ice. In total properly to stir up, but not to stir.

What here to tell, the men similar to the agent 007 will always have success in a female. It is worth mentioning also that for last 50 years together with James Bond also his women changed. At each of them - the history and the style. Only it is already other subject.