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Technical supervision, technical supervision of construction.

the Tekhnadzor at repair When construction only begin

and process is at a stage of repair or finishing works, before the customer there is a task - how to reduce costs of a salary and materials. As a result, it is possible to receive unsatisfactory result or the materials spent in vain, and also frauds with the doubtful indication of amounts of completed work. Technical supervision at repair will help to avoid emergence of such situations, it is independent control over all stages of works. Technical supervision at repair will help to trace accurately correctness of performance of work, to check the consumption of materials at repair, and also to optimize construction terms. All found discrepancies, defects, defects, deviations from project documentation, are at once reported on the customer. Duties of technical supervision assume information transfer about the construction course in an oral and written look, in the form of acts and acceptance of each stage at repair.

Technical supervision at repair will help to save means and at the same time to receive worthy result. Any Customer before works thinks of it, technical supervision at repair is urged to solve this problem. We recommend to order project documentation in which the structure of each constructive knot will be specified in detail before construction works, the specification of necessary materials is painted, their volume and quantity is painted.

Technical supervision is carried out by the professional employees having long experience in construction. As often our look stops on the beautiful building or the house, the Tekhnadzor at repair which was constructed by neighbors, friends, and there is a desire that future result of own repair or construction of the house was at all worse. Usually at acquaintances ask: in how many building who performed works managed. Here the dirty trick which is directed to exclude technical supervision at repair can expect you - not always quality and cost are directly connected. Remember, someone from acquaintances told about defects of the house? If the speech, then about any small defects came about it. Technical supervision at repair will allow to exclude completely various defects, after payment of money hardly any crew will begin to correct the subquality work free of charge. Usually after calculation builders at once evaporate. If you think that the firm on which staff the engineer is will be able to guarantee you quality and competence, then a little you are mistaken. Independent technical supervision at repair will be interested in careful performance of the task, and the regular specialist of firm will hide in every possible way flaws of the companions and to cooperate with them at concealment of reliable information about the consumption of materials. The choice will always be for the Customer, but nevertheless we recommend to listen for our recommendations. The price which you pay, ordering technical supervision at repair, will come back to you in the form of correctly performed work and lack of overpayments for materials and will repeatedly exceed those expenses which can arise.

the Tekhnadzor at repair

payment only for actually executed at repair, amounts of works;
pay off expenses on payment of a salary in advance, the order of materials, technical supervision at repair is urged to optimize all processes as much as possible;
will be adjusted control over expenses, an inspection of compliance of the real facts and data specified in budget documentation will be regularly carried out;
ordering technical supervision at repair, it is possible to be sure of a responsible attitude to selection of performers, a professional assessment of level of training of masters;
in the shortest possible time an inspection will be carried out and to be transferred reporting documentation on work flow on object;
all defects will be found in due time, all additions and concealments of real information obligatory will are revealed, technical supervision at repair will be able to trace that all damage caused by the contractor was compensated at his expense.

the Tekhnadzor at repair in practice. The relations with the Customer

the Expert who is carrying out technical supervision at repair visits object twice, and even three times a week. On the place inspection, verification with the project and budget documentation is made, supply of materials and hardware is controlled. All remarks and instructions are entered in the magazine which is on object
the Engineer responsible for technical supervision at repair visits working meetings together with specialists of contract organization, on them there takes place discussion of production phases; by
Appointing technical supervision at repair, the Customer constantly learns directly all information on a result of checks, and also on other important questions connected with various construction processes.