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How to make a retaining wall of gabions?

the Gabion are represented by the container made of the strong metal gauze, filled with pebble, large crushed stone, quarrystone, small boulders and an other natural filler. The gathered gabions represent designs which quite often began to use at arrangement of various territories.

In particular, retaining walls from gabions found broad application on seasonal dachas, especially where slopes are washed away and slip. Gabions for giving protect landings and constructions from floodings in a high water and strengthen soil.

Designs of gabions happen different. The most widespread - box-shaped (the Jumbo gabion), 0,5 - 1 meter high, 2-6 meters long and 1-2 meters wide. Build protections, retaining walls, coastal strengthenings and even the base under easy country constructions of such gabions.

For strengthening of soil on slopes, in ravines and flat coast of reservoirs use gabions - mattresses of Renault which height begins from 17 cm. The such gabion is thinner, the better he repeats a relief configuration.

The retaining wall from gabions, especially where there are steep slopes, can be made of mesh designs in the form of cylinders or bags.

It is possible to use gabions on the seasonal dacha with various purposes. They are convenient for a frame of the automobile parking which is cut in a slope, creations of the raised terrace on an equal site or a small wall on the platform for a barbecue. On low designs it is possible to put wooden seats, and on what is higher - table-tops. Gabions use as pedestals for garden sculptures, lamps in style find fault - flew also massive flowerpots. Effectively the fence from gabions which perfectly extinguishes noise looks. It can be twined from the inside lianas or to leave in original state.

Designs of retaining walls from gabions widely use at arrangement of water objects on a site. The stream proceeding through it can be fenced with mesh containers, having protected thereby soil from spring washouts. It is possible to build an island in a country pond, to make support for the bridge or to strengthen the coastline, having built step descent to water.

Obvious plus of retaining walls from gabions - lack of an adverse effect on ecological parameters. Over time the space between the stones filled in gabions will grass also wood young growth and a design, having kept the functions and a form, will merge with the surrounding nature.

Often ask whether it is possible to make gabions the hands. Technology of construction of various designs from gabions, in particular, retaining walls, simple. Here the powerful base is not required special the tool. The design can quite be made of one level of the average sizes on the seasonal dacha independently. For this purpose it is necessary to get mesh frameworks of the size suitable you. It is desirable that a metal wire for containers and elements for their installation and connection were double torsion (such strongest) and had protection against corrosion. To give designs of a retaining wall big rigidity, often use internal partitions.

The design brought on a site in unassembled form is collected in containers, established in the right place, connect them together and filled with a stone. Large stones, flat pebble and layered breeds are stacked manually, small - in bulk. Each layer of a filler is required to be condensed properly.

Here it is so possible to make the hands on the seasonal dacha a design of gabions.