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To beloved children - the best recipes. Where yours handle and notebook?

admit At once, I am a person unsociable. Into the old age lived (well, not gray-haired, of course, and up to tinted), but to meet with people just like that, idle, did not learn.

Not that is my neigbour. I have such impression that it can get to talking even a column on the street. And from communication of it and it, and a column the advantage will be.

I - at all not a column. Moreover, for myself I know strong sincere quality, for women rare: I can listen. So the principle of a mutual complementarity worked. We with the neigbour made friends. Just like that, to mutual pleasure. On my supervision, such friendship - the strongest.

Frankly speaking if I looked for from our acquaintance of “low benefit“, I long had not to look for it. Thanks to our friendship I easily could save on lunches. The neigbour the bee worked in kitchen, and it was visible that to it it in a high. She not only fed a family where it is necessary to include also the grandsons resorting continually to the grandmother, but also constantly thought out some non-standard dishes. Non-standard and very tasty. Having thought up, could not keep not to tell about the idea to some close soul. And also to feed this close soul. So I with the character easily took the place of this closest soul. To which far it is not necessary to go - be knocked only at the next door.

During our first meeting the neigbour laid out to me several culinary secrets. At our following appointment the speech came about the same, about a prikarmlivaniye of grandsons.

Everything began with the fact that I complained: “Well you children everything stuff it with chicken. As if there are no other products for them“.

“Products - that is, - the neigbour grinned, - but do not forget that I am nevertheless a pensioner. You will not buy pair veal on my modest pension, chicken meat leaves much cheaper. But also, children - not special gourmets. You never paid attention, what children`s menu at restaurants? Look as required. Even at the best restaurants of only 4 - 5 lines. And all one: spaghetti, chips potato, mashed potatoes, sausages, schnitzels chicken.

Oh, it is fine that remembered schnitzels, at my grandsons they always go with a bang! And the best schnitzels - from fillet of a turkey. Juicy, gentle, the objedenye is simple!“

Ya as the skilled secretary, opened the “marching“ notebook. “Write, write“, - the neigbour was delighted. “I write, I write“, - I answered.

Recipe No. 4. Schnitzel from a turkey - for 6 portions.
Preparation of products - 10 minutes;
the Preparation time - 20 minutes.

of 800 g of fillet of a turkey. To cut on usual beefsteaks of the average size, to beat off slightly from two parties to thickness of 1 cm

the Breading:

1 - I am a pan (flour mix):
- 3/4 glasses of flour;
- 1/2 teaspoon (h l.) baking powder;
is 1,5 h l. powder of chicken soup;
is 1/2 h l. sweet paprika;
is 1/4 h l. pepper.

To mix everything.

2 - I am a pan (egg mix):
- 2 eggs;
- 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

To shake up together a fork.

3 - I am a pan :
- 1,5 glasses of breadcrumbs;
is 0,5 h l. sweet paprika.

To mix all.


1. In a heavy frying pan to warm vegetable oil.
2. To lower pieces of meat in turn at first in flour mix, then in egg, then in breadcrumbs then - on a frying pan.
3. To roast schnitzels from two parties to zolotisto - brown color.
4. To lay out on a paper towel that surplus of oil left.

“As a bonus - small cunning, - the neigbour waited until I wrote down all. - When the last portion of schnitzels is fried on the second party, here I spread already ready. I cover a frying pan, I diminish fire to a minimum and I allow them to be steamed slightly. Then I uncover, and a minutes more 2-3 schnitzels dry up. From such address they become appetizing and crackling! And as a garnish - rice, soft mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables salad“.

“Well, the clerk, stopped writing?“ - the neigbour the satisfied tone of Chapayev who won the next fight asked. I nodded. “In that case for work I will treat you with the house specialty. It is pleasant to all. Even my choosy daughters included it in the house menu“.

In half an hour when I set aside a plate aside, regretting a little that I am not a juvenile little girl, it is authorized to them to lick tasty if it was pleasant, the neigbour, having seen that the dish was to the taste to me, shared also this recipe.

Recipe No. 5. Chicken and rice and vegetables - for 6-8 portions.

Preparation of products - 10 minutes;
the Preparation time - 50 minutes.

- 1 chicken cut on portion pieces (if there is time, it is possible to pickle chicken previously);
- the 3rd carrots, rubbed on a large grater;
- 2 bulbs cut in cubes;
- 1 red pepper cut in cubes;
- 1 glass of the rice which is washed out and dried;
- 1 jar of tinned corn or green peas (it is possible to mix 0,5 jars of corn and 0,5 jars of peas);
- 1 jar of the tinned cut mushrooms;
- 2 glasses of chicken broth;
- greens.


1. To fry onions, carrots and pepper on vegetable oil and to lay out an even layer in a heat resisting form.
2. From above an even layer to lay out rice, on it - the filtered corn or peas; further - mushrooms, and on them - pieces of chicken.
3. To fill in all this luxury with two glasses of broth, to cover with a foil (one more know - how: brilliant party inside).
4. To put in the oven which is previously heated to 180 degrees. To prepare 40 minutes.
5. In 40 minutes to remove a foil, chicken to grease with mayonnaise then to bake 10 more minutes, it will not be reddened yet.

To give in the same ware, having strewed with chopped greens.

“Remarkable dish! - the neigbour praised highly to me it though I also did not object at all. - Look: chicken, rice, vegetables - three in one. Than not a full lunch? The dish does not demand continuous guardianship, cooks. And, above all, always it turns out tasty, you will lick fingers“.

Now it is clear to you why on a visit to it I come always a little hungry?