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What such joyful to prepare in rainy day? Autumn blues...

Autumn melancholy. There is no wish - che - go. And to lighten mood, straight I go on kitchen. For me Kitchen - the center of the universe where the saved-up knowledge of cookery, medicine, design daily find application. And that it was tasty and superpolezno. I create, without bothering conventions and rigid limits of recipes and taking pleasure from process.

I Feel like the jazz singer. And if it is curious, forward!

So, we are adjusted...

A spirit on a smell : already at preparation attracts all members of household on kitchen even if they yet not houses.

Spirit by sight : pleases and raises a smile, even at gloomy.

A spirit on taste : it is simply impossible to come off.

It will be pure improvisation. Blues, otherwise, Autumn blues .

We will take usual products and we will wonderfully bake them on a baking sheet, beautifully, layers, following 4 simple rules .

1. We select products for color

Products for the top layer have to be combined cheerfully, for example...

the Traffic light, for it it is possible to take:

a) tomatoes, rice with a saffron, green peas;
) red pepper, yellow potatoes, green beans;
in) carrots, yellow pepper, broccoli etc.

It is white - is red - yellow (a cauliflower, carrots, yellow paprika).

It is green - is white - orange (broccoli, turnip, pumpkin).

It is white - is yellow - green (fish, rice, broccoli) and so forth

By the way, selection of products it is possible to turn into game. Try!

Unattractive, from the point of view of color, we will hide meat, forcemeat, eggplants and mushrooms under the top layer. Our masterpiece can have from two to seven layers, each about 1 cm high. The volume of products is gained counting on a baking sheet, less - it is not reasonable.

2. We prepare products

For roasting cabbage (headed, cut with squares or thin straws, color and the broccolis sorted on inflorescences, Bruxelles), mushrooms, macaroni are boiled. Haricot, corn, green peas undertake tinned, or are boiled to readiness. Rees is carried to semi-readiness.

We try that products were equally cut or had the “conformable“ forms. Inflorescences of a cauliflower are harmoniously combined with circles and straws. You should not combine products cut and grated.

We remember that fish prepares quicker than vegetables therefore we cut large pieces to keep their form.

3. We spread layers and we season

At the calculation it is possible to mix several products in one layer. We salt each layer, we season with spices.

4. We strengthen a design and we decorate

we Prepare the most tasty filling from eggs and at choice: sour creams, milk, tomato juice, beer or wine. We salt, we add seasoning on preferences. Evenly we cement filling and we decorate. Cheese when roasting gives a magnificent smell, taste and an appetizing crust through which beauty created by your works looks through. Tomatoes give brightness and juiciness, and greens just are pleasing to the eye.

If did not decide yet that you want to prepare, let`s execute a variation of the Autumn blues with fish. we Take

potatoes - 4 - 5 tubers, onions - 2 heads (it is possible a leek), green pepper - 1 piece, red fish, cheese it is possible any, even with a mold (of 100 - 300). For filling we will take 3 - 4 eggs, a glass of sour cream. Spices: black pepper, dried greens of Shambhala, rosemary, fresh greens of a celery it is (not enough), fresh a basil, parsley and/or fennel.

The most courageous can take a white cabbage instead of potatoes. This unusual, but very interesting combination. Vegetables we cut

straws or rings (in this case we do not sort onions), and we relieve fish of bones and skin.

We prepare a deep baking sheet, we pour a little vegetable oil, preferring olive. Taste of vegetables with it opens better.

We put on a baking sheet all vegetables at once. We salt, we pepper, we add seasoning, we mix together with oil. When roasting oil will give a rumyanost to vegetables. Over this beauty we spread pieces of fish an internal surface down, slightly vtaplivy them in a layer of vegetables. For “cementation“ of a design we mix eggs with sour cream. We fill in.

We powder with cheese and we put in an oven for 40 minutes. At the same time our presence is not obligatory.

So, our Blues is ready! A wide shovel we separate portions and we display on plates. And their greens from above - pr - r - r - r - river.

Another time instead of fish it is possible to put chicken (not to forget a curry). And if to replace fish with mushrooms - a new variation on the Blues. Mushrooms have gentle taste, and ground pepper suppresses it, and Shambala will emphasize. In option with mushrooms we do not mix vegetables, we spread them on a baking sheet layers in any order and we place mushrooms between them. With cheese it is flavored generously.

But whether not to try the Blues with meat or forcemeat ?

We will take potatoes, carrots, onions, green paprika, garlic, meat / forcemeat, a few boiled mushrooms, small tomatoes. There will be a lot of tasty sauce therefore it is possible without “cement“. Except tomatoes, we cut vegetables and meat in straws or cubes. But the straws - look more appetizing.

We spread a half of potatoes on a baking sheet, we salt, we mix. In separate ware we mix meat with onions and mushrooms. We salt, we add spice and we spread on potatoes layer. Then in the same ware the remained potatoes are mixed with carrot, paprika, salt, spices. The tomatoes cut on halves we decorate a dish with rare peas and cheese. And if business by winter, then instead of cheese we add fat and... it will be Winter dzhazzzz!

of the Recommendation :

1. If process of preparation seemed long - divide preparation and preparation on time. For simplification of a task it is possible to use the frozen mixed vegetables.

2. It is possible to do without filling, then three layers are a maximum.

4. The blues with rice reminds risotto and demands skill. The blues should not turn out neither dry, nor liquid.

5. The remained Blues is shifted in capacity for storage in the portions accurately.

Improvising with different combinations of products, it is almost impossible to repeat. Each performance of the Blues - a work of art. Creativity we spiritualize food.

Therefore I wish bon appetit and achievements in a dukhotvoreniye!