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Fantasy 80 - x. “Spirit of a revenge“ - “Ghost Rider“ for the poor?

Sometimes, having been tired of the contemplate, exhausting a brain human dramas and large-scale on scope and nonsense of blockbusters, there is a wish to watch the film which is not too burdened by ambitions. Also there is nothing better how to address VHS era, an era when domestic video salons were overflowed with production of doubtful quality which maintenance was handed down with admiration inconceivable today.

Now the viewer became too choosy that there to tell. Do not attract the whole lists of Oscar winners on the poster any more. 3D - a format from a novelty turned into the ordinary. And the budget in two million dollars seems ridiculous and worthy the student`s movie mounted on knees and shot amateur digital. And there were times when for this sum it was possible to bungle quite decent kintso. Yes, without Leo in a leading role. Yes, without stunning special effects. But quite watchable.

Here and this time very mediocre, but amusing fantastic boyevichok “Spirit of a revenge“ with young Charlie Shin in a leading role caught sight to me. Tape, by the way, if not cult, then memorable to visitors of video points of the eightieth.

… On roads of the sleepy American town that in the State of Arizona, the lawlessness is created. The gang of street muggers - racers terrorizes peace yuppies, forcing them to participate in racing duels. The winner receives a car of the loser, and the last - the ticket on 11 - y a route and full trousers of humiliations. Lovely youth entertainments disturb the amorphous sheriff Loomis a little. Until the local fellow Jamie who dared to touch the beloved of the leader Pakkard Walsh does not fall a victim of a gang. The fellow was put on a knife, and the body was not found.

However the string curled not for long. The mysterious avenger on a fildepersovy sports wheelbarrow appeared in the city. The imperceptible newcomer tries to discover members of group of Pakkard, calling them on honest fight, but forces are obviously not equal, the tinted race car obviously does not belong to this world. Loss means death, and soon from Walsh`s group there were only pathetic bits. Pakkard guesses that the terrible avenger and the new boyfriend of his girlfriend Carey - the same person, however it is possible to find out the truth only in one way - in dust of road fight … Is probable

, the main attractive element of this unpretentious opus is that car that with the menacing roar rushes in a shot, understanding, gathering like a transformer. Such cars in the Soviet Union even did not lie nearby, and therefore the first domestic audience was pleasantly struck with appearance of the sports supercar. Well, companions, I hurry to afflict you, in America of similar race cars too in the afternoon with fire you will not find. The matter is that on the screen - a real-life star of production of the American concern Dodge - M4S PPG Turbo Interceptor, or in Russian “Interceptor“. By the way, the working version Marvin`s filmamayka quite so was called.

A concept - the carat did not reach serial release. The market value exceeding 1,5 million dollars knocked down. By the way, all budget of a picture made 2,7 million so actually on shootings only one abrupt wheelbarrow was used. All the rest - empty bodies on wheels which endowed in numerous scenes of action. The car of Mel Gibson from “Mad Max“, though carries the name “Interceptor“, has no relation to this car: Ford Falcon XB Coupe which was earlier belonging to the Australian police appeared in that movie.

There is a lot of pursuits and scenes with cars in a tape, they are put very professionally and spectacularly removed. Actually, shootings of an action on the platform the assistant to the operator Bruce Ingram to whose memory “The spirit of a revenge“ is devoted managed. It is surprising how for so modest sum creators managed to hammer together the driving fighter though in comparison with “Forcing“ he looks like children`s races in a sandbox. But explosions and kaskadersky tricks did not learn to draw in those days on tablets therefore they, though are monotonous, but look effectively. The set of nice cars in general is involved in a picture, beginning from Chevrolet Corvette 70 - x years on which the main villain Pakkard drives about, and finishing with Dodge Daytona Turbo Z and Plymouth Barracuda belonging to members of its gang. Generally, is on what to popyalitsya.

As for the main plot, here, certainly, horror - horror. All this history with return of the murdered fellow who revenges the offenders and anew enchants the girlfriend - do not cost also the eaten-away egg. As well as it is necessary, the bulk of money from the budget of a picture was spent for tricks, but not for the competent screenwriter. Actually, Mike Marvin also made hastily the text, and in his pit “Spirit of a revenge“ - the highest achievement.

With actors too not everything harmoniously turned out. Charlie Shin in parallel acting in the drama “Platoon“ of Oliver Stone understood that especially it is not necessary to be spent for a boyevichok. Therefore all scenes with its participation were shot beforehand, in the first two weeks that then a star not to disturb. That is why the character Charlie who as envisioned is that “spirit of a revenge“ really appears from nowhere and disappears in anywhere.

Its passion, from - behind which all cheese - pine forest in the movie, was played by the young actress Sherilin Fenn who flashed not so much the talent, how many delights and a pretty face. The TV viewers of the middle of the ninetieth for certain remember the actress on her role in brilliant series of David Lynch “the Px Twin“ where it appeared in eccentrical Audrey Horn`s image. Fight of that time - the friend Sherilin, Johnny Depp well-known nowadays, even accompanied the girlfriend on shootings in Arizona. Probably, too was jealous her, as well as the screen character Pakkard. The last was represented, by the way, by the performer Nick Kassavetis, charming, but little-known at us. The actor Nick did not win big fame, and here his director`s activity brought him a deserved success. Its movie “She Is Beautiful“ was even nominated for the Golden Palm of Cannes, and in our hire the tapes “Alpha Dog“ and “Diary of Memory“ are known.

From supporting roles it is necessary to mark out Randi Quade, the elder brother famous Hollywood handsome Dennis Quade (“Radio wave“, “My enemy“). So left that Randi always was in a shadow of more successful and cute younger brother, and therefore his filmography is not of a particular interest. And “Spirit of a revenge“ not an exception. Here Quade plays that mattress - the sheriff Loomis who powerlessly wanders about the city and frightens teenagers long prison terms. At the same time the police officer left him useless and unconvincing.

We will add only that the movie swept not too zvezdno, having collected so much how many it is necessary in hire and having paid back poor expenses. Today the picture looks as the unpretentious nostalgic opus from the eightieth, with the corresponding surroundings (leather jackets, jeans, hairdresses and other) and the soundtrack consisting of hits of that period (Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue). And if you like melodramatic stories about ghosts, then it is better to turn a look on the popular tape “Ghost“ of Gerry Tsuker operating a similar plot.