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What secrets are kept by east beauty a hydrangea?

the Charming cheat from family gortenziyevy are a ceremonial plant in a number of the countries with Buddhist traditions. Under certain conditions its inflorescences get heavenly, is sated - blue, color. And then it reveals to us the secrets...

It agrees one of ancient legends, in day when Buddha was born (473 BC) from the sky beautiful flowers fell down and sweet Amacha nectar poured down. Then there was on Earth a flower audzisay as Japanese call a hydrangea.

Temples with audzisay are scattered across all Japan. At birthday of Buddha in Small Halls of temples establish pools in which center the statue of the baby - Buddha towers. The people who came to a holiday pour the sweet amach tea welded from hydrangea leaves on the statue head.

This tea is ritual drink at Buddhists. As believe, it has magic force and protects from evil spirits, stings of snakes and insects. In Japan from leaves audzisay long time, before emergence of sugar, prepared dense syrup and used it as saccharin.

This plant got to Europe in the eighteenth century. On one of versions, east beauty was called by a hydrangea in honor of the princess Gortenzii, the sister of the prince of the Sacred Roman Empire. Karl Linney gave audzisay, the botanical name gidrangeya - for love of a plant to water.

The majority of types of a hydrangea represent bushes 1 - 3 meter high, some types - small trees, the others - the lianas getting on height to 30 meters.

Beautiful spherical inflorescences, a guard or a whisk, decorate a plant till late fall. Elegant inflorescences are graceful and effective thanks to a nimbus from four petals. But they deceive us: they have no petals, and there are chashelistik which expanded to unrecognizability, at first green, and in full bloom - white or pink. These flowers are fruitless and are only a bait for insects. In the center of an inflorescence the tiny ordinary-looking florets intended for a reproduction settle down.

Most often inflorescences of a hydrangea are painted in white color. The hydrangea large-leaved, or garden, can have also red flowers, pink, lilac and blue. However, blue coloring depends on desire of the gardener.

For example, when watering a bush five-percent solution of aluminum alum white caps of inflorescences become blue, and pink - lilac. If to bring in the soil, under a bush, salts of iron or to water, infused on rusty iron, false petals will get sated Xing - blue coloring.

There are days when coloring of a blue hydrangea has surprisingly something in common with color of a clear sky, and then the hydrangea begins to tell the infinite stories.

Here one of them.

... Billions years ago in one of far galaxies there was a planet on which there lived people. This advanced civilization created the artificial reason (AR), and time when IR began to think of human categories came: he wanted to subordinate to himself the population of the planet and to dominate on it.

The handful of scientists understood that it is impossible to cope with the approaching accident: they had no access to coordination of actions of IRA any more. And then people decided to act. On one of artificial satellites where yet IR did not reach, they created the last miracle of equipment which was called by GORT - galactic object of reproductive transformation.

Scientists said goodbye to the planet, with each other and entered GORT. What biological transformations happened in GORTE so far it rushed on Universe open spaces, nobody knows. But once GORT reached the Earth`s surface, and its existence stopped. And, perhaps, a blue hydrangea - result of the transformations which happened in GORTE and in it there live the thoughts of the last people from a far-out planet urging us to protect life on Earth...

The hydrangea is called a vegetable chameleon, but not all its types can change coloring of flowers. Only the large-leaved hydrangea possesses such ability.

That this delightful flower felt comfortable in our gardens, the friable, sourish soil rich with a humus and nutrients is necessary for it. The hydrangea loves freedom and prefers spacious light or semi-shady places. And, of course, it should be provided with good watering, and to zamulchirovat the soil bark of coniferous plants or riding peat.

In the people a hydrangea call “seven-root“ - its root is covered with seven multi-colored layers. The hydrangea panicled and treelike has medicinal value. It is applied at inflammatory processes of urinary tract, makes the toning impact on kidneys and improves their function, facilitates a state at prostate gland diseases. Roots use at autoimmune frustration.

Most often the hydrangea is made multiple copies green shanks which cut off from escapes of the current year. It is also possible to grow up it from seeds and to multiply division of a bush.

In conclusion there is a wish to address the readers who were born on April 11 - 20: on a flower horoscope, a hydrangea - your flower. Put her in the garden or lodge in the apartment a room hydrangea, and you will have a remarkable vegetable guardian angel.