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How the countries of the West ruin ideas of socialism?

Modern world crisis are not a product of capitalist society at all. It is a product of the countries of Europe and North America which became suddenly socialist. Socialism which destroyed the USSR destroys the West now... all our ideas about economic equality of people, general material support of the disabled population, a latching of an enterprise initiative, proletarian internationalism (political correctness “on - to their“) were safely postponed by

for the countries which are quickly developing in the past.

If the number of dependents exceeds number working if the state does everything that weak became even weaker, and it is necessary to feed them more and more if wishing to make something strike a bargain heavy taxes and bureaucratic obstacles, then such system long does not maintain and falls.

Modern Russia too nearby left from the rotting West. At us those who make nothing also well live. Also oil and only oil allows to make it. With gas, certainly.

The jobless pregnant Black woman - here whom will contain most willingly America. Any more the third generation of immigrants in France never in this life worked. And the state continues to feed them and to corrupt further. The Oslo center is filled nothing by not doing black immigrants constantly fraying something with natives from our Caucasus.

Weak it is necessary to help. But moderately and not all the time. Otherwise general infantility and an indifference will overflow any country. “And if I am fed and I have a sea of free time and this country with its customs it seems to me very far, then why not to nibble these suckers?“ - the great number of the foreign citizens sitting on quite socialist grants so thinks. And the in the West and disaccustomed to work for us in general too the same set.

The problem of any unemployment is solved very simply - go and do the small business. But taxes in EU countries just strike. We on their background look very decently. Especially as nobody at us especially pays them. We have other trouble - oil.

Oil and officials - two troubles of modern Russia. In which fancifully socialist and capitalist ways of production mixed up. The main trouble of the modern West - socialism in its worst, infantile look.

Times of wild capitalism there ended long ago. The democracy leads to ingratiation before the population of their governments and distributions of impracticable promises. Otherwise will not choose. Or feed us and entertain, or we will choose more attractive.

The Nezhelaniyekorenny population to perform manual labor leads to sharp change of national and cultural peculiarities of so-called civilized countries. Years through fifty France will become Arab, Germany - Turkish, Norway - Chechen or Ethiopian, etc. will direct America the pregnant jobless Black woman, and in Russia before a meeting of the government will make a Mohammedan prayer.

If, of course, the normal people understanding that only those who want will be better than others to live in their country and are able to work do not come to the power. And ideas of socialism will extend only to children, disabled people and pensioners.