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Autotravel of

On open spaces of our homeland it is possible to see more and more fans of active lifestyle recently: a cycle tourism and tourism

on a car. From - for it demand car racks, and also luggage carriers for cars of various model ranges began to be,

which can be bought without problems in specialized the Internet - shops.

For example, existence in your car of a luggage carrier for a car will give the chance with pleasure to travel on a long distance,

to go out of town with the family. At the same time you can easily take away all necessary things with yourself. There are different types

of luggage carriers for a car: from reylinga, with several regular places and

another we Will notice universal luggage carriers, autoluggage carriers with drains that a platform for a car it is actually possible to call a universal luggage carrier most

widespread today. Millions of our fellow citizens were convinced of its perfect work.

At the same time autoluggage carriers of foreign production need to note. Producers regularly develop new

technologies, use them in production that allows to create autoluggage carriers of high quality. These are basic methods,

who use the known world brands by production of autoboxes and luggage carriers for cars, accessories,

of bicycle fastenings and so forth

For those who to tourism on the car prefer to ride a bicycle will be useful to get fastening of bicycles or

of a car a luggage carrier. It is so much simpler to travel on a long distance and at will there will always be an opportunity to be engaged in

to favourite business - to sweep by bicycle where - nibud in the country, in colourful corners of our country. Besides on a roof

of the car it is possible to establish the box of the closed type which will make transportation and safety of freight by the safest. And,

that is important: your freight during a trip will be well protected from external influence of external factors (a rain, snow and


Would like to note that the companies - producers in the course of development of boxes for cars take an important factor as an obtekayemost in attention of such

. As a result today autoboxing is characterized not only properties of aerodynamics, but

also and does not influence negatively the speed of driving of the car. At the same time the experts testing boxes for a car and autoluggage carriers advise

to drivers to go, without exceeding the speed of 120 kilometers per hour. It is also necessary to know that boxing for a car has

of restriction on loading capacity. And if to instructions for use it is written, for example, that loading capacity is equal to

about 100 kg, it is not necessary to load excessively it because to promise that the roof of a car will be able to sustain similar weight, nobody not

will be.