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Stereotypes about the higher education: are true or not?

In spite of the fact that the higher education still “in fashion“, even more often it is possible to hear opinion that presently existence of the diploma does not guarantee achievement of any heights in life and are not guarantee of success at all. Whether so it actually?

to answer this question, we will analyse the most widespread stereotypes about the higher education.

Stereotype No. 1. Without having the diploma about the higher education, it is impossible to construct career.

Actually, existence of the document confirming the termination by the applicant of a higher educational institution says to the employer that the person sitting before it gained necessary knowledge for work on this specialty. But, in addition, the diploma about the higher education is the certificate that its owner is capable to set before himself the purposes and to reach them, to show persistence and to finish the begun work.

All these qualities, certainly, are considered by the employer as desirable, and irrespective of a position for which the applicant applies.

Therefore, this statement is not deprived of common sense.

Stereotype No. 2. Modern specialties cannot learn in domestic higher education institutions as the program of training lags behind realities and does not give qualitative knowledge.

Supporters of this statement consider that it is better at once to begin to work and gain necessary knowledge and skills in the course of work.

In this case it is impossible to give a definite answer as many factors will change depending on the chosen specialty.

So that to become the high quality hairdresser, will enough have the good mentor and practical experience. Of course, just listening to lectures, it is impossible to learn to cut skillfully, it can be reached only daily practice.

At the same time to become the good lawyer, one practice will be obvious insufficiently! In this case it is just necessary to gain knowledge of fundamental objects correctly to understand and put into practice standardly - legal acts. And for this purpose you should write and protect not one examination in the course of training!

Without theoretical skills it is impossible to become the high quality expert in the majority of modern professions.

Stereotype No. 3. Existence of the higher education confirms ability of the person to find the necessary information and to come into contacts with people around. in many respects this statement is faithful to

. Actually, many teachers teach the students to find, first of all, the necessary information, i.e. to be guided in a huge information stream, but not to learn everything.

In such situation the diploma about the higher education it will be valid the certificate that the applicant has rather high level of thinking and intelligence. For this reason often hire young specialists not of the corresponding professions.

At the same time, there is a number of professions where existence of the profile diploma is obligatory. For example, you will not be able to work as the doctor, holding the diploma of the marketing specialist …

the Stereotype No. 4. It is better to have experience, than the diploma of the corresponding profile.

Of course, it is impossible to deny that employers prefer to hire the experts possessing not only theoretical knowledge, but also certain practical skills.

At the same time, many companies actively conduct search of employees on vacant positions among students of last years of higher education institutions. In this case they get the conscientious, executive worker ready to accept policy of the company and grow together with it.

Besides such cooperation quite often is favorable to both parties: the student gets desired practical experience plus the independent income, and the company - considerably saves on a salary (the skilled expert should pay 10 times more) and at the same time the corresponding work is performed by the person having necessary theoretical knowledge.

Stereotype No. 5. Graduates of higher educational institutions possess higher degree of culture.

Unfortunately, existence of the diploma is not a guarantee that his owner honestly paid attention to studying of humanitarian disciplines which just and are entered into the training program for expansion of an outlook of students and increase of the general level of culture.

Quite often these objects are boycotted, allegedly “behind uselessness“ in practical application. Nevertheless the training program of any higher educational institution creates all conditions in order that graduates - experts had rather high level of culture.

Stereotype No. 6. Quality of modern education too low and existence of the diploma does not guarantee existence of knowledge, necessary for performance of work. Should recognize

that a certain grain of truth is in this statement … The number of higher education institutions strives for infinity today, and it is possible to receive the lawyer`s profession even in agricultural technical school … It is natural that education level at institute with a world name and the technical school mentioned above will cardinally differ.

But there is also a medal back: the person striving for knowledge will receive them even at the bad teacher while the student who does not have such aspiration will hardly reach heights in assimilation of a training material even in eminent higher education institution.

Nevertheless anyway existence of the diploma and though than some minimum knowledge in the specialty - it is much better, than their total absence.

Stereotype No. 7. It is possible to construct successful career and without diploma about the higher education. Yes, cases when employees reached certain heights in the companies are known to

and held these or those leading posts. But all - is a story about people who constantly filled up the knowledge base independently or by means of trainers and courses. Otherwise, sooner or later, such head will face shortage of basic, theoretical knowledge and will not be able to grow further.

And, of course, such employees would have much the best start if they would have all necessary theoretical knowledge at the very beginning of their career way.