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Second higher education: for what?

of the Reasons on which people decide to get second higher education, great variety: from a banal habit to study to the compelled need. In this article we will try to understand what features are characteristic of process of receiving second higher education.

have some statistics

According to the conducted researches, more than 61% from those who want to get second higher education are presented by the working experts. And the vast majority of the students getting second higher education driving motive called desire to reach certain heights in career.

As practice shows, for creation of successful career often it is necessary to have knowledge and in areas, adjacent to the profession. Therefore, having reached a certain level, experts begin to feel shortage of knowledge, and good experts - seek to liquidate this shortage.

Besides, the conducted survey also revealed interest in receiving additional knowledge in the form of training in postgraduate study (20% of the studying students) or visits of professional courses (15% of the interrogated workers having the higher education).

of Feature of obtaining the second diploma

As was already mentioned by

above, there is a lot of reasons for receiving second higher education. The first profession did not please someone, someone got good job, but not in the specialty (respectively, a certain theoretical knowledge is necessary for further career development), someone hopes for increase in the income.

Often people seek to get second higher education when they want to change cardinally the life including a profession.

As age restrictions for arriving for a correspondence department do not exist (only a small amount of higher education institutions establish an age threshold for the entrants, as a rule, it is age of 40 - 50 years), it is possible to get second higher education at any age.

Time of repeated training will depend on as far as differ the first and second specialty.

For example if subject matters are not crossed, time of training can last from three to five years and if the chosen specialties have many general disciplines, then the second diploma can be gained in one or two years.

In an individual order it is possible to reduce training time taking into account a number of hours of the disciplines studied earlier.

How to come to educational institution for the second time

As a rule (but happens and differently), for the second time is much easier to enter to the university, procedure is much more simplified. In most cases it is enough to file necessary documents and to have interview or testing in the main subject.

At the same time the first specialty does not matter for receipt in educational institution though representatives of adjacent professions are given preference.

One more distinctive feature of receiving second higher education is that the student can correct the training program in an individual order, paying bigger attention to fundamental disciplines on which assimilation success of activities for the chosen profession depends.