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How quickly we understand that we are necessary each other? The answer - in this history.

the Whole year

Today I woke up early. On hours only a half of the sixth. For me it is very strange, usually on Sunday, and today there was it, I wake up not earlier than eleven. Houses very quietly...

I approached a window and sat down on a window sill. There, on other side of a windowpane, it was very beautiful. Warm and fuzzy flakes of snow, being turned in beat a waltz, branches of trees, wet asphalt smoothly fell by roofs of houses... And here something painfully pricked in my heart, and from eyes salty tears slowly began to flow.

I thought that I forgot it...

Already there passed exactly a year since we left with it. That fatal day I was asked to arrive to the downtown and to help to choose a festive dress. When I left at a stop, I incidentally saw it, the guy Roma, with other girl. They cheerfully and serenely talked, and soon he kissed her... It became painful to me - VERY painfully! in me emptiness was formed. They continued to kiss - none of them obviously noticed me then. It became opposite to look at them, and I got into the first minibus.

On the way home I sent to girlfriends the message that at me it will not turn out to arrive in any way, and switched off the mobile phone.

All this day I all did houses automatically: carried out cleaning in the room, wrote course, watched TV. At this time in thoughts there was a vacuum. I felt nothing, just somewhere there something broke.

Next day Roma, indifferently, met me from institute, kissed, took by hand and began to tell me about something. I went silently and looked forward. Here he stopped and asked: “What there is with you, Vika? Someone offended you?“ And at this moment I did not sustain. Did not sustain how carefree he speaks - Roma deceived me earlier, and I trusted. At it is the friend, and he continues to lie to me and “to pull the wool over the eyes“. I do not remember that I told it then, but I know precisely: it was not so painful to me from that thought that my boyfriend meets another how many from the fact that he deceived and continues to deceive me. Yes!, all these words poured out outside. He silently stood and did not decide to look to me in eyes.

Suddenly my phone rang out, I quickly found it in a bag and pressed the button of dumping of a call. At that moment to anybody there was no wish to talk.

After I turned away from Roma and went towards a tram stop. Unexpectedly it caught up with me and, having grabbed by a hand, sharply developed to itself(himself) the person. One moment I stood in confusion, and it obviously too. For one moment I forgot everything that occurred between us. It was so well simple to me to stand and look to it in the face. But it was only for one moment …

- Release me, do not touch me more, - I said in low tones.

- But why? Yes, you are right - you saw me there. But understand - all at all not as you imagine it! I can disclose to you all details of our relations with Lisa, only listen to me. I ask believe - you at me only …

- to me do not need anybody`s details, just leave my life. I loved you, and you hurt me very much! Release my hand and leave! Leave … Not in forces more something to tell

, I pulled out the hand, stole a march and got into the tram. Having looked in a window, I understood that Roma and remained to stand on the same place and just looked after the leaving tram.

Having come back home, I sat down on a window sill and looked at the falling snowflakes. Weather was same, as well as today. I remembered this snow, probably, well … our gap was

It. Roma came even all week to me and asked to forgive him, but I could not. Was not able to allow it to hurt herself once again. I am not an insensible doll, not a toy with which played and threw out! And soon it disappeared, and I did not see it till yesterday evening …

Yesterday we happened in a trading floor, and yesterday, having seen his look, I understood that I cannot without it. Not mo - gu! Without it I exist, but I do not live. It took away from me all pleasure of life, and the annoying in is that I cannot change anything …

Suddenly from - for houses Roma appeared. It, holding a lonely white rose in hand, saw me in a window and approached slightly closer. Minutes we just watched two at each other through transparent glass, and there was enough this look to understand: he suffered, and suffered from - for the fact that he could not forget me. He loves me!

I immediately jumped off from a window sill, put on and ran out to it, and Roma ran up to me and strong kissed. This kiss disseminated all pain and offense. In a flash I forgot everything and just was near it.

- What I was a goat! I did not appreciate you, native, and received for it wholly. But I will not transfer bigger separation from you. Forgive me, please, - Roma began to chatter.

- I forgave you long ago,

cannot become angry about the person whom you love … Not in forces something to answer, Roma strong embraced me. And I understood: he will not betray me - kog - yes!

As all - is sad that to understand how strongly we are necessary each other, there had to pass the whole year …