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What is written on a fence?

Once on the fence surrounding 39 - a kingdom, the inscription was found:
“39 - e a kingdom without Dragon! We here power“!

The dragon right there disposed to find a nazaborepisaka and to bring him to the palace. And as in that kingdom was only trained in the diploma - Ivan the Fool, it right there and was tied.

- Tortured? - it is sympathizing the Dragon of the caught oppositionist asked.

- Yes so, - Ivan through the mouth stuck with an adhesive tape vaguely answered.

- Probably, and the accomplices already put, - the Dragon continued a friendly chat, drinking at the same time the French champagne. - You want a chocolate?

Ivan the Fool furiously shook the head as a sign of contempt.

- Well, well … - the Dragon rose from a chair and began to go, having stuffed up paws for a back, around the political opponent. - Vasilisa Premudraya gave evidences. As if you wanted fair elections of the Dragon. Well, whether fool? And the Baba-yaga admitted that she flew over a kingdom, having given in to your propaganda. Considered my palaces. Well, 14 them. What from it it became easier for you? The little fool … the Dragon made by
a small pause and blew in a fireplace, kindling gone out there was fire.
- You what music love? However, not very well. Give “Pink Floyd“ I will put. “A reverse side of the Moon“. My darling … And, we will continue our conversation. Here you consider that the Dragon - the main problem of our kingdom. That move away me and everything will be adjusted.

Ivan the Fool began to rock the head in agreement.

- Remember, Vanya, in our kingdom of the Dragon can replace only other Dragon. So it is arranged. And it is possible to fight only for that the following Dragon was a little softer. Here you on a fence wrote the thoughts, and I was compelled your friends, the Boy from a finger to put in prison and to throw Buratino into a fireplace., you see, burns down. Sit down closer, get warm.

The dragon hemmed enough.

- You, Ivan, me even something is nice. It is young, hot, ambitious. I am surrounded by faithful, but silly servants. However, true it is better, than clever. All history of our kingdom proves it. You want, to me in administration of ministers to build? Or the head a press - services. You all - are trained in the diploma, unlike mine. Is not present? To the friend Buratino you want? Eh, youth, youth … Burning down, you will receive only coals. Remember it, Wan. You, probably, something want to answer me?

Ivan shook the head in agreement.

- Well, and so, Vanya. I will be responsible for you from now on. You will not think again yet and you will not become the system oppositionist. As three pigs: Zyug, Fat and World. Chose between a trough and bacon. He - he - he.

Well, so far, Vanya. Go to yourself, think how life is arranged. And I here with cranes will do some flying. I like zhuravliky to pretend to be for a while and to pokurlykat there in heaven. Quietly, quietly and so on small there below, insignificant …

I the Dragon happy with, having waved wings, directed highly in the sky, kurlyky about itself: “From what the Homeland, begins with the picture in your abc-book. From the good and faithful companions living in the neighboring yard. From that old fatherly budennovka that somewhere we found in a case. Or perhaps it begins...“