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How to make anti-cellulite means?

Cellulitis looked younger. It became “omnivorous“. To it not so essentially, who before it - the very young slender girl, the thirty-year-old woman or the forty-year-old man. It recedes only before those who regularly play sports and that behaves not so aggressively more likely as it with the others, but from a look does not let out.

When I for the first time found in myself this trouble, and did not know the word of it - “cellulitis“, and about how to make anti-cellulite means, and the speech could not be. Was considered that an orange-peel - a consequence of a sharp set of weight, and after the delivery I and the truth became a pyshechka. Thought: I will grow thin - will pass. It is now the youth all knows and if they does not know, then the necessary information always near at hand - come into the Network and be formed. In the Zdorovye magazine about cellulitis did not write therefore fought against it who as could, but did not fight more often at all. I grew thin, but skin on hips still looked not esthetically.

Then there was a word “cellulitis“, and at once all started talking about it. Various reasons of its emergence were called, but I was interested in one - as to get rid of it? In the early nineties the answer was: in any way! Process is irreversible and to walk to you, expensive, on the beach in a sundress! Soon after, however, experts changed categorical “in any way“. Now they insisted on that we, owners of cellulitis, changed a food allowance and a way of life. We would change, but!. Who remembers the ninetieth, that knows that wanted to diversify the menu many. There was a repartition of property, and to us, simple guilty, had no time for some there hillocks and poles on skin.

How to make anti-cellulite means, I was told by the masseur. By then I already regularly visited the gym, and to it came to anti-cellulite massage. Actually, to do means and it is not necessary. Everything that is necessary - it is natural honey . Ten sessions of honey massage did not relieve me of cellulitis, but hillocks became much less therefore I with a clear conscience can recommend this method to those who have no allergy to honey, and that who has no problems with vessels (at a kuperoza and a varicosity it is impossible to do honey massage).

Problem places should be smeared with honey (a thin layer therefore honey is better to take liquid). Massage is carried out so: the palm is put to a body and sharply comes off. It is sick. But it is effective. I was enough only for one course. One session lasts minutes fifteen then it is necessary to cover a zone on which worked, the towel moistened in hot water and to lie down until it cools down. After that honey is washed away by warm water.

On feelings I liked more other way of how to make anti-cellulite means. It is of a bathtub with sea salt . On a bathtub the salt half a kilogram will be required. That she did not lie at the bottom of a bathtub and did not prevent to enjoy procedure, previously dissolve it in separate ware. Fifteen minutes in warm water are much more pleasant to lie down, than the same fifteen minutes to clap itself on each side, to hips and a stomach, but in the first case the effect was pleasant to me more.

The problem of cellulitis is solved only in a complex. It both sports loadings, and balanced food, and change of a way of life, and cosmetic procedures, and massage. It is final I did not manage to win against cellulitis. Perhaps, my laziness is guilty of it, but the fact that skin became better - it is obvious, and it is already a victory!