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How to put on a breast-band a cat?

If you think that a cat`s breast-band - absolutely unnecessary accessory, you are mistaken. If you have a cat, then there has to be also a breast-band. To walk with the favourite you, maybe, and you will not be, but situations when it is simple not to do without breast-band are not excluded. Here then, having got from a locker, apparently, an unnecessary thing, you praise yourself for foresight.

Such situation arose at me this summer. I bought a breast-band long ago, but never used it: there was no such need. With a cat I do not walk the streets rather he with me does not go, prefers to walk therefore how to put on a breast-band a cat, I knew purely theoretically. But this summer my pet got sick. I called the veterinarian, wanted to consult what to do? In reply heard: “Carry!“ Of course, we gathered at once and went.

In the car our cat did not get used to trips therefore he behaved very uneasily and when we arrived to the place, it became clear that on reception we will not get. At first the cat did not want to leave in any way salon and when its everything - managed to be pulled out, made an attempt to flight. Brisk highway, unfamiliar place … We were afraid to risk, came back home, and here I remembered that where - that is a breast-band. Here then - that to me was necessary to put into practice theoretical knowledge of how to put on a breast-band a cat.

Do not think that it is so simple. The animal who never saw this accessory will resist. And here the patience is required. It is impossible to use force at all. Try to calm a cat and it is quiet, without vanity to put on a breast-band. The design of these devices can be different, now there are even breast-bands similar to corsets. They are put on very simply and clasped on flypapers, but I have the simplest model. It is called “a breast-band - the eight“ and represents system of thongs.

How to put on a breast-band a cat? At first unfasten a lead and put on the closed ring a neck of a cat. Turn it so that the carbine appeared from a back. From a tummy there has to pass the crossing point. Push a forward pad of a cat in the triangle formed between the closed ring, a crossing point and a thong with a fastener. Pass the free end of a thong with a fastener under a stomach of a cat and clasp. Check that the breast-band did not press to a cat and to it it was not too big if it is necessary, tighten or weaken thongs. Attach a lead to a carbine. Now your alumna is ready to leaving the house. The breast-band is a safety of an animal therefore it is not necessary to neglect it.

... We stayed in clinic no more than half an hour, but during this time I not once mentally thanked those who invented a breast-band. About a trip I already spoke, but then we had to wait for some time of the turn. When brought the huge Caucasian out of an office of the doctor, my cat slightly in a window did not jump out. If not a breast-band, me it for anything not to hold! And in an office of the doctor it was very opportunely. At some moment I lost vigilance and if not a breast-band, long we would assemble tools and medicines.

I heartily wish to your pets to be ill never, but if it suddenly occurs, then it is better to have near at hand what will help you to take a cat to the veterinarian - a convenient breast-band.