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How to choose a pillow and a blanket from a bamboo of

In this article I decided to share with you recommendations by search of pillows and blankets from bamboo fiber. I impart experience on which I spent a lot of time,
I am engaged in distribution of production from bamboo fiber. Not so long ago I aimed to find
qualitative pillows and blankets from a bamboo at reasonable prices. There was all
not so just as I thought. On the Internet the mass of offers of blankets and pillows from “bamboo“.
But such type of a filler of these goods as bamboo “stitch“ is very extended, by
of“ a pro-stitch“. The most ridiculous, the fact that there are no such terms neither in one dictionary, nor in Wikipedia,
in any the friend. Generally “bamboo a stitch“ it is just fine fabric which pokra -
howls a filler, generally a filler “swan`s down“ (notice not for nothing in quotes“),
a mikrofayber, or in general some pukhosoderzhashchy “tic“, definition of the last very much
rastyazhimo (what cannot be only there). It is also possible to characterize (extensible rubbed -
Minh) and the material applied to top of pillows is “poplin“. Poplin can be proiz -
is visible as from cotton, silk, and from chemical fibers......, so on letters truthful answers (that is the fact that the pillow with a filler “bamboo“ has absolutely other filler),
came from tens of times of unit, Ito from the first letter to email. Generally come - to call
an elk, in general across Russia where only did not call. In general on the Internet a set of the comment -
riyev, responses, about that as people sent money for a pillow from a bamboo, and received from other materials. Unless not deception when on the website it is painted as the pillow takes shape of a body of the person, on it lying, due to properties of a bamboo filler, and at I will fall -
of a shka with blankets from lebyazhy down artificial etc. Still more than once felt on himself impudent
eluding from answers, even by phone, by mail on the Internet in general there is nothing to speak,
After the first days of search was already clear that so if it not bamboo in a filler nobody reports structure therefore he registered messages in the in advance that not -
lo any bamboo “couplers“, despite it to me answers on similarity arrived:
“ structure you watch on the website“
as if I did not look, I came across it ten likely time, it was necessary to write on bore -
kolko time, after that to call, on the websites where I had such questions on - is pisano short
“ structure top....., filler bamboo fiber.“
“ a filler the quilted bamboo fiber“, and more than nothing about a filler.
do not write that “swan`s down“.
Bamboo fiber is many times more expensive “than lebyazhy down.“
Ya looked for suitable goods about 2 - 3 weeks, thank God found, there was a branch of the Ivanovo factory in my city. That is there was an opportunity to arrive and “to communicate eye to eye“ to representatives of factory. In total not for nothing!
I Repeat: the mass of people got so-called “bamboo pillows“,
in other words bought a pig in a poke! In general what goods do not take
on the Internet, online store, it is better to learn
about it in more detail. To look at reviews of it the Internet - shop, can who and at a forum something
was laid out, quite. be generally attentive
at the choice of goods on the Internet!