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How to find the new friend and not to lose old???

Good afternoon! Today I want to write article about friendship. Many have friends, the best friends or just acquaintances who will become your friends soon. But happens so when you find the new friend and it is impossible to you how earlier to spend much time with the old friend and it it not to be pleasant to him and you do not communicate any more. At first you think that you soon reconcile and will begin to be on friendly terms back but is not present. You have new friends and with them is made a fresh start. And so all the time...

You ask why you began to write this article? You did not have it? Is not present was. Earlier long ago still I had a friend even it is possible to tell the best friend but soon he became me just familiar. We with it walked nearly an every day, communicated, just were on friendly terms but one day it did not leave to walk and I thought well tomorrow precisely will leave and again it did not leave to walk. It was very boring for me and I thought to me what just to stay at home and I went for a walk with other schoolmates, it is simple to communicate. He thought well not to take offense. All of us time walked and began to be on friendly terms. Then it left to walk, and I could not just I already walked with other friends. I cannot tell excuse I have other friend I have to walk only with him. He took offense type: I am your best friend, and you with me walk communicate etc. After that we were not on friendly terms with it any more. At first I thought that it is guilty then thought that after all I am guilty and so we did not become then the best friends. Of course later we began to be on friendly terms, communicate but not as it was earlier. And to today I had no best friend. And nevertheless:

How not to lose the old friend but to have more new friends?

It is just necessary to know that it really your friend. If he the truth your friend that it not to take offense and will be on friendly terms with you. And after all not only it is guilty but also I was not right too.

At first I should just have acquainted my best friend with my new friend (friends. Then can be at me there would be more best friends.

In - the second it was necessary to distribute time when I walk that they did not take offense and I managed to take a walk with all.

Well and in - the third it is necessary before getting new friends to learn really my best friend to me actually in general the friend.

Now I have no not best friend not of just a friend but only acquaintances, schoolmates. I made a mistake but as speak on mistakes study. In me there was also a wish to teach others. Yes I am not a teacher and in general to teach others it is necessary to live at least a half of life. And the main thing it is necessary to understand one simple thing that very much - there is a lot of acquaintances, and here friends it is not enough especially the best friends. And to learn, whether really yours “the best friend“ in general to you the friend. And to learn it it is necessary just to undergo with it through tests, testing by life. There is a wish to get on well at life very much but time so a little. If you have a friend that appreciate him can one true friend than two and any more is better not than the presents. Once again I speak wrote this article not to be advertized it really happened to me. I just want to explain that people appreciated the friends and did not lose them. Friendship it something not probable it cannot be explained with words it it is necessary live can even lose one friend but then to find two or more. See you again.