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Who such yadovitik and why they are dangerous?

In spite of the fact that ideas of positive outlook on life have the right to it, all of us should meet unpleasant people. On science, yadovitik is a plant, poisonous or predatory. By tradition, unpleasant people are often called power vampires.

U me few other vision. I just am positive to vampires as these characters provide outflow of old blood and inevitable inflow new. And here of a yadovitika - another matter. They inject poison, and the organism should fight and hurt. In it a basic difference.

Someone can tell: and how bloodsuckers, we so call catching people, those which stick? The bloodsucker just to the person the friend because not just sticks, but also enters the most useful substances into our carcass.

In many areas of life I use own classifications. It is convenient also for itself and in order that quickly to share with someone. And it is necessary to share often.

Not always yadovitik work consciously to the detriment, for someone it is just such lifestyle and interactions. However not that who has what style and what impact it exerts on us is important. If suddenly we understand that we feel poisoning symptoms then not before clarification of motives.

What main groups of yadovitik I allocate?

the Good-natured person

Yadovitik of the Good-natured person type is it is the regular guy, a blouse - the maid, both it seems as are ready to take off for the friend the last shirt and even a blouse. And even periodically in attempts to make it begin to jump aside buttons. But you feel that you - that do not need his shirt. Did not ask. However “Good-natured person“ will continue to do advance payments in your party, he of the best motives. But you - that do not need it. And somewhere you already feel that business is not so pure also that you already in position of the debtor. Oops - with - page.

The mousetrap with free uninvited cheese slams, and you stupidly have to. How many? And it is unclear. It does not depend on you any more. Everything that will be required to a yadovitik, and try refuse - at once you will be whom? Ugu, this word of which you thought.


my favourite type. Because rushes with a poison injection atilt, declared the poisonous intentions directly and unambiguously any negotiations it does not intend to enter and has only one task: to rigidly put you under management through antidote which only it has. It skillfully uses antidote, periodically giving a dose for “to recover the breath“. And at this moment it just the nice fellow, the kind investigator.

However it is not necessary to create illusions. This yadovitik is interested in leading the victim in a string, and is pleasant to only one: lifting of restrictions on self-defense. Itself ran.

the Bore

did not meet this type Long ago, probably, at me on a forehead is written: a pier where you will stick - there and you will come unstuck, however I hear complaints to this character often. This is “Good-natured person“ with a minus sign. The bore poisons with false feeling of pity and responsibility. “Only you can help me... Without you everything in general was gone... And here if I had such education too...“. And already late evening, and all of you still model to the bore his tomorrow`s report. Honestly: who, if not you?!

The bore comes unstuck after the direct offer of the transaction: yes, I will help, but you then make this and it tomorrow, and that I am absolutely sewn up. Keep in mind that “this and it“ you need all the same to make most because the bore most likely will merge this barter transaction.

Bores, as well as good-natured persons, take socially protected position in collectives. They good. And if rigid repulse to an aggressor approves local society, then here small it is as if bad to offend. On that also live.


Antipode of an aggressor. Possesses two improbable abilities: to attract on itself all sanctions and to use a position humiliated and offended. Serves as the utilizer of not dissipated energy of an aggressor and at the same time converts it into poison for those who heal its wounds. If you practice nursing of the victims, do it in gloves. It is infectious.

the Small tyrant

In spite of the fact that data the character is a rare mix of the good-natured person, an aggressor, the bore and victim, meets quite often. Its main difference is the power. The small tyrant has the real power over people - be it labor collective, participants of traffic, residents of the hostel. The small tyrant is under the administration from which in the same way undergoes, but at the same time - over specific people. And here already according to sequence of a klevaniye they undergo.

Work of the small tyrant is difficult, he is seriously connected by a network of social obligations across and verticals that strongly strains it. Very often small tyrant reduces stress by a self-alcoholic poisoning which allows for a short time at least in illusions to slip out a web.

It is a pity for him, frankly speaking.

A specific variety of yadovitik impresses, for a complete description there is not enough place here.

But there is also one more important point about which surely I want to tell.

Very much can be that ourselves, warm and fuzzy, for someone are yadovitika. We impose someone the point of view and the help, we deprive of freedom, we manipulate others call of duty. Everything is relative, important only that everything was realized.