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How to help the child to develop

Today I attended a seminar on what and how to be engaged to parents with small children of the house. This subject is very actual for me as the daughter in December will be two years old.

In spite of the fact that I as the psychologist deal with a problem detsko - the parental relations, it was interesting to me to learn about features of mental development of the child at this time and his requirements during this period.

Me that idea responded that if our task is development of creative and any other abilities of the child, but not repayment of interest in game and activity, then it is not necessary to interrupt and break its game. Interruption of game means the following:

1) I forbid the child to do something, I speak it is impossible :

- to pour and spray water;

- to be smeared with paints, to smear food on a table, to smear cream, to scatter grain, flour and other objects;

- to move objects and to put them in - something in compliance with logic of the child;

- to sweep, dust any surfaces;

2) I learn how to do correctly ;

3) I show discontent with how it plays;

4) I criticize, I estimate, I compare to other children;

5) I interrupt its game without its consent and I force to be engaged in another matter;

6) I take away from it from rug objects which do not bear danger;

7) I interrupt his need for the movement and a discharge of feelings:

- do not spin;

- do not run;

- do not shout;

- do not laugh;

- do not cry.

I knew it earlier. Besides, I carry out cycles of meetings with parents which want to grow up the free child. But today I made discovery, sad for myself: my understanding of the loving attitude towards the child quite often disperses from my actions. I will explain what I mean.

Dasha very much likes to draw. She often asks that I got it paints. I get with a reluctance. I get because it is her valid requirement: to make the discoveries in manipulations with paints and to derive pleasure from the process of a pasting them on paper, on a face, hands and all the rest. In five minutes while I am engaged in something special in other room or in kitchen, she resorts to me vzya smeared, wiping on the way of a hand about wall-paper and new clean clothes. And I when again I get it paints, begin to tell any nonsenses of type:

- draw only on paper;

- yourself do not paint;

- do not smear a table...

Actually children of two-year age have not enough one sheet of paper to satisfy the need for manipulations with paints. And it is not even recommended to put them at a table or a school desk. It appears, it is the best of all to draw on a big sheet of paper on a floor, previously having put on an apron the child and having laid a film that Lego to clean consequences of rough activity. And still I liked idea to draw paints directly in a bathroom. It is possible both to paint a bathtub, and a body. Your child will estimate it.

And, of course, that it kept interest in creativity and development, it is necessary to refuse critical remarks concerning its creative activity, and davt there is as much as possible pozitvny feedback: even if you did not see in an amorphous spot of dirty color of his kitten, it is all the same necessary to express the pleasure concerning remarkable work and to note what in your opinion, most worked well. In this sense Ostap Bender when, having presented the work of art of the sower scattering bonds he told public what it, the artist, so sees was right...

Yulia Vasyukova