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Alternative Hollywood or Why Nicholson refused “Godfather“?

are not difficult to guess that process of casting is one of the major components at the first stage of film-making process. Producers by all means want to see star names on the poster, stars bargain for the fees and assignments from profits, and directors from them “author`s vision“ of a final plan confuse the issue eternally.

It is much more difficult to i to present to

that such cult characters as Michael Corleone, Indiana Jones or Neo of “Matrix“ could look absolutely differently.

Will Smith - a star of a number of large-scale fantastic blockbusters of the last time where enter “Independence Day“, “I, the robot“ and the trilogy “Men in black“. However the actor had a real opportunity to become the face and one more well-known franchize. Initially offered Smith a role Neo in “Matrix“, but he refused, having preferred to act in a grandiose failure “Wild, wild Uest“. However, the performer not too was upset, having learned that the creation of brothers of Vachovski caused furor around the world. Later he admitted: “You know, “Matrix“ - quite difficult movie with the confused plot. And having read the scenario, I understood little. I saw how Keanu Reeves played, and I admit honestly - I in this role terribly would mess up“.

Having received the Oscar for the co-authorship in the scenario “Will Hunting`s Clear Heads“, and also having played one of leading roles, in this brilliant movie Matt Damon from the first steps in Hollywood learned the glory price. Not to mention that it managed to participate in such noticeable projects as movies about “Ouchene`s friends“, Bornian and “Rescue of the private Ryan“ of Steven Spielberg. But also Damon missed in due time chance to become part of two, undoubtedly, most powerful blockbusters of the present. In - the first, he rejected James Cameron`s offer to play a leading role in “Avatar“ (the most high grossing film for all history of cinema if you it is not aware) as shootings of the blockbuster were not joined to its schedule in “Born`s Ultimatum“. And from - for employment in the sports drama of Clint Eastwood “Unsubdued“ Damon was forced to reject Harvey Dent`s role in “The dark knight“.

Somehow time to one famous actor was suggested to be represented on the screen of the character of the world best-seller. As a result the role left to another and became in his career the most significant. Yes, Jack Nicholson`s , but not Al Pacino, invited to Michael Corleone`s role in “Godfather“. Nicholson refused, and later spoke: “I knew that “Godfather“ will be the great movie, but at that time sacredly trusted - everyone has to go about the own business. Indians have to play Indians, and Italians - Italians“. And though Al Pacino only partially the Italian, Nicholson should not complain. For the same period, before and after a premiere of “Godfather“, he managed to act in a number of sign pictures, beginning from “The careless goer“ and “Five easy plays“ and finishing with “One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest“ and “Chinese quarter“. So this loss came to it rather easily.

Leonardo DiCaprio too a sin to grieve by the lost opportunities. In his career there were take-off and falling, but “Titanic“, long time staying on a top of the most cash pictures of world cinema defined its future. Nevertheless this remarkable actor has good, but not played roles too. Leo Paul Thomas “Nights in style Bug“ invited Anderson in a picture. Certainly, for Dirk Diggler`s role which was played later by Mark Wahlberg. DiCaprio admitted that he is an admirer of talent of Anderson, but, alas, at the time of a meeting with the director Leo was not prepared and counted “Titanic“ as more perspective project. Well, in some measure it was right, more than ever.

Believe it or not, but an asterisk of the eightieth, the actress Mollie Ringuold (“Breakfast Club“ and “Sixteen candles“) quite could decorate with herself such famous movies as Harry Marshall`s “Beauty“ and Gerry Tsuker`s “Ghost“. And unlike Will Smith which and without “Matrix“ managed to become one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood, Ringuold (or her short-sighted agents) obviously miscalculated. But star career was helped by Demi Moore and Julia Roberts what they have to it be grateful until the end of life for.

Kevin Costner in the late eighties / the beginning of the ninetieth was considered as one of the most influential film figures at “Factory of dreams“. It managed to combine actor`s activity (“Darkhemsky bulls“, “Untouchable“ and “Robin Hood: The prince of thieves“) with incredibly successful direction (“Dances with wolves“ received in 1991 two Oscars, including for the best movie of year). However Costner made a fatal mistake when he went to a bottom together with the “Water world“ instead of agreeing to Andy Dyufrey`s role in the screen version of the story of Stephen King “Escape from the Shawshank“.

The young and successful British actress Emily Blant , known to us according to movies “The devil carries “Prada“, “Changing reality“ and to the recent fantastic thriller “Time Loop“, missed once chance to become part of global and very profitable franchize. The matter is that Blant invited to play “The black widow“ in the sequel of “Iron Man“ as a result Scarlett Johansson got who. And all because at that moment Emily was already engaged at shootings of “Gulliver`s Travel“, a picture which, alas, did not equal the hopes laid on it and came to grief in hire.

A screen legend the sir Sean Connery quite could write down couple more of superhits especially as in zero years he was not too lucky with projects in the asset. And, according to the majority, to the best performer of a role of the agent 007 James Bond offered the first also Gandalf`s image in the well-known trilogy “Lord of the Rings“, and the character Morfeus in “Matrix“. Connery, years later, admitted to reporters that he regrets for the refusal.

It is also difficult to believe in it, but at all not Harrison Ford was the first of whom creators of the well-known movie “Finders of the Lost Ark“ Steven Spielberg and George Lucas took notice the. In their opinion, the adventurer, a star of series “Private Detective Magnum“ Tom Sellek was simply obliged to embody professor of archeology Indiana Jones on the screen. However the television contract bound hand and foot therefore the legendary character became one of the best works in Ford`s filmography.

Certainly, we provided not all mistakes or unhappy coincidence which did not allow this or that actor / actress to become even more successful in article and are more famous. Best is oftentimes the enemy of the good, as they say. However somewhere there, in alternative reality, the classics of Hollywood is presented absolutely by other pictures. Already not so Warren Beatty approved as producers shines as Michael Corleone. Tom Cruise draws mathematical formulas on glass in “Beautiful Mind“. Robin Williams impudently smiles as the Joker in “The dark knight“, and Mal Gibson battles against wild predators on the arena of “Gladiator“.