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Female fear. “And suddenly I am not loved?“

of the Woman are persistent, they want to know - love them or not. Therefore often ask this question to the men (and not the too) and want to hear the correct answer. From where such persistence?

Fear “And suddenly me is not loved?“ is the engine of female activity. They want to be pleasant to men, buy expensive and most fashionable clothes, cosmetics, go to the surgeon and cut off superfluous, demand to insert missing into other place, drink “magic“ tablets for weight loss. Well, if nothing helps, women go to white and black magicians that those forced not the best half of mankind them to love.

Women painfully and much think of age. It is dangerous. Years take away appeal, and men prefer young and harmonous. And it is opposite. The fear “me is not loved“ pushes on extreme measures. Men begin to buy. Especially often it is done in big cities where nobody knows anybody and does not want to know. Therefore do not condemn.

Even more often it is possible to meet decayed forty-five-year-old “berries again“ with young lovers, sometimes young husbands. As a rule, it is the children from deep open spaces of the Russian towns and villages who arrived to Moscow to look for financial happiness. To them this happiness privalivat in the form of the lonely scared aunty who wants sincere and pure love in exchange for an opportunity to live in its apartment and to eat results of her culinary irresistibility.

Or perhaps it is love? Can. Here M. Galkin became the next owner of a hand and heart of the loveful woman who sings. Probably, for a long time. At least, all previous gentlemen considered quite so. And you know reality.

Women are ready to pay for the fear. At first body, then money. Young girls touch guys and are on friendly terms with them bodies. Often not from a sexual manyachestvo and to hear: “I love you“. And then the fear for a while recedes, it is possible to live further. The woman is more senior, the it is more difficult to involve gentlemen to scaring away of constantly tormenting fear “And I am loved?“. It is necessary to pay extra. To include lovers in the business, to share living space, money.

Seeing such picture, I become a feminist. At least, I begin to agree with some strange statements.

On the woman the man should not look as at female sexual object. First of all, she is a person. From here it is not necessary any: “you pass forward“, “let me take a door“, “you so remarkably look“, etc.

of Times in it I do not see the woman, the door to itself will take itself, compliments can offend, in them it is about appearance, but not about qualities of the personality. Therefore any compliments to women! After a while they will forget that women, will cease to want man`s attention. There will be not topical issue “And you love me?“ You look, and the fear will disappear.

It is not necessary to wish a body, it is necessary to be interested in female soul first of all. The body spoils soon. The soul is eternal. In mythology even the fallen angel knew, than it is correct to be fond.

Equal and honest life will begin. Any advances, experiences “as he estimates me?“ And economy what! Let cosmetologists will be ruined and there will be unclaimed silicone tons. Men will cease to pay attention to appearance and will begin to appreciate women only personal qualities, as well as men. For fidelity to the word, a true friendship, briefness and support.

“And suddenly he does not love me?“ What nonsense. He appreciates you as the real personality. What else it is necessary?

Or it is necessary?.

Of course, women are different, is self-sufficient, courageous, strong. To them it is unimportant, the man loves them or not. They are sure of themselves. Therefore they are loved always. About such compose songs, write poems, compose fairy tales. And there is no fear. Just happy life.