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How to store a cranberry?

love the Cranberry not only and not just for its tastes how many for the fact that it possesses medicinal properties. If you were lucky to get a large number of this most valuable berry, you do not hurry to process it in the usual ways. It is not necessary to cook from it jam and compotes, better make so that all its properties remained as long as possible.

several ways of how to store a cranberry Exist. I will tell about three as I tested them and precisely I know that berries will not be spoiled and will not lose taste. Irrespective of the fact which you will choose a way, berries need previously to be touched, that is to separate from leaves and all that got to a basket. The crumpled and crushed berries can be started up on a fruit drink, immature, alas, it is necessary to throw out, and here whole, reached ripeness, can be stored till the following harvest.

Berries of a cranberry contain natural preservative which is not neither in wild strawberry, nor in bilberry. This preservative is benzole acid. Besides a cranberry it is present also at cowberry. Benzole acid interferes with growth of bacteria, it promotes that the cranberry long does not spoil. To keep berry of fresh, neither salt, nor vinegar, nor sterilization are necessary.

For the first way only water and pure ware is necessary . I use either glass jars, or plastic bottles. Well are suitable for these purposes of a bottle from - under dairy products. If there is a lot of cranberry, it is possible to store it in the enameled pans. I display the berries which are washed up in cold water on the prepared capacities and I fill in with cold boiled water. A cranberry - to itself antiseptics therefore any more nothing will be required.

The only thing that can happen to berry at long storage is an absorption of water and, as a result - taste “dilution“. Yes, the cranberry will become watery, but will not lose the useful properties.

From a soaked cranberry prepare the same dishes, as from fresh. From it cook kissel, do a fruit drink, use it as a stuffing for pies and, of course, eat in the natural form.

How to store the cranberry which is filled in with water? If not really there is a lot of it, then it is possible also in the refrigerator and if there it disturbs, then just in the most cool place, for example, on the warmed and glazed loggia or in a cellar if it, of course, is.

The second way - a freezing . Here it is still simpler. We display the cranberry which is washed up and dried on a sieve on plastic bags. The amount of berries in a package has to be such that you could use at once all its contents as repeatedly it is impossible to freeze a cranberry. The frozen berries use as well as fresh. Here the same principle works: you want to keep all vitamins - you do not boil a cranberry. It can only be warmed up, but not to bring to boiling. If a cranberry - ingredient of hot dishes, there`s nothing to be done, it is necessary to offer vitamins, for example, for the sake of a duck in cranberry sauce.

The third way of how to store a cranberry, will be pleasant to sweet teeth. The cranberry ground with sugar , is good the fact that it should not be prepared before the use. A cranberry with sugar - fine cure for cold. It becomes simply: berries mix with the same amount of sugar and pass via the meat grinder then mix is displayed on banks. Banks close plastic covers and store in the refrigerator.

Here it is so possible to store a cranberry. I use all three ways, and you can choose that which is pleasant to you.