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Anastasia Tsvetaeva - “The narration about the bell ringer Moscow“ (the 1 and 2 head)

“Time early, for Moscow unusually silent, deserted... Spasskaya
I precisely at 6 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds Moscow time when
of a hand were extended in an equal gold vertical... the bell slashed
silence with the sharp ring... And again... And again... Sing bells. painting
with a ring ornament the first seconds of new day“.
Yu. V. Pukhnachev. “Riddles of the sounding metal“.

A prolog

In quiet evening winter 1927 we sat over a cup of tea at professor Alexey Ivanovich Yakovlev in the cozy dining room windows on Christ`s temple - the Savior.
(Now - the place of the pool at Kropotkinsky gate.) I knew Alexey Ivanovich`s
since the childhood. The pupil of my father, then the associate professor, he was in our house in Trekhprudnom, remembered me the child, and now when I, having become a widow/widower, with the son - the teenager fought for life, it helped me with extra earnings. Serving in library of Museum of Fine Arts, I took from Yakovlev`s
of a pack of library catalog cards, copied them. Alexey Ivanovich somewhere managed library department.
- you did not hear the famous conductor Saradzhev? Konstantin Solomonovich? - Yulechka, the owner`s daughter asked me. - A cat - his son from first marriage. Bell ringer. Musicians consider him as the genius. Cat Saradzhev!
Anastasia Ivanovna, it can come now, - that you knew. And you will not understand that! It is special!
the Look of dark, big eyes of Yulechki blazed in nervousness of the story:
- the Cat from two parties from unusual families: I already told about the father, he has a talent by inheritance: since seven years - the composer! And mother - the daughter Filatova, by children`s diseases of professor, his name - the Moscow children`s clinic. Mother died long ago, the Cat still small was. It is similar to it, though is similar to the father too: something east. You will see! The cat stammers.
Sometimes - almost purely speaks, and sometimes - it is difficult! But the most important in it is a gipersinesteziya of hearing, - the storyteller hurried to report, - - he hears in an octave absolutely distinctly - & 1701 sounds, drew to us the scheme. I will find it, I will show you! Royalny (he so calls) the Cat carelessly speaks about “harmonizations“. Only recognizes bells! We the other day are going to listen to it - go with us?
- And it as, accompanies at church service?
- Well, and he becomes angry that in other hours - it is impossible... It is disturbed by church services. It strange, Cat... Does not understand! On Saturday we will go, well? And when in some bell to it the sound too fine is heard, he lets go all ropes bell and... (word “ falls “ was gone in a call from a lobby - long, persistent; no, not urgent, not nervous - insistent; as if festive).

Chapter 1

Joyfully, somehow solemnly, - whether knowing that wait, there was a lobby a tall dark-haired young man in the accurate, dense shirt girded by a belt: straightening out it (as it is done by boys from shyness), but-; not so, not timidly, and - in a certain cheerful readiness-; to appear. Brown, huge, orientally a long section of an eye shone gloss dark and children`s on openness force. The voice faltered:
- I op - pozdat N - not mm (having joyfully broken) - much! Ppp - raise
- those... bowed, shaking hands, laughed.
- “Perhaps, is beautiful! Hair are wavy, more long than put. Tsar Fedor Ioannovich theatrical some!“ - I thought.
- my Source detained me, - slowly, but he garrulously explained to us, accompanying with a smile words, - my sisters told it - late home I come.
- the Source he calls the father, - Yulechka whispered to me.
the Cat suddenly quickened very much:
- I vch - h. - it did not manage the word, - to a vcha - ra at Gliere was! - He looked round all of us, shining. - - And I vyd - will be granted permission from Narkompros, - he made a helpless gesture widely and joyfully, - sk - kolko N - it is necessary to me kkkolokol in what N - it is necessary tonalities! Equip additionally to me my belfry!
P - please, - he ran a hand by air, as if listing us, - - p - all of you come! Yulechk`s
seated the guest at the table, gave some tea, moved up bread, jam. He ate
cheerfully, with enthusiasm, childly. It was surprising to observe this
mix of bitterness it from a neponyatost - with pleasure from a bell victory.
It suddenly stopped the story. Having fitfully stood up, touched a finger a crystal sugar bowl.
- Uddivitelno! - he exclaimed it is struck as though having seen the friend, - type - an oven sugar bowl in style to 112 flats! And he stroked it as iron a cat.
- Yes! - the Cat bethought, apologizing for the fact that distracted, - the most important: I - selected one small bell - 1 pood and 7 pounds, it on scales, old, - it seems, he felt shy, - and another - - well, this will be more! - He burst out laughing - yet did not hang up his N - on scales, well, I think, poods 5 will be... You do not imagine what sound! Etto, as they say, divine! In a breast - a chill even! I - even am afraid... such sound! Well, and still a bell - already very heavy! Only a few people will be able to lift it!
of Re - a sharp! It cut off
to itself(himself) gray bread and smeared on it a jam layer. - What bread tasty! It fresh, huh? Fresh! I, however, had not dinner today, there was no time! When the person did not eat long - so all tasty seems to him, huh? I - noticed...
told Something Yulechke`s mother, and that left. But already the Cat forgot that he had not dinner, floating on waves of the story about narkomprosovsky bells and therefore
was surprised suddenly, having seen a bowl of soup in Yulechki`s hands. It put it on a table, moved up, bore still bread.
the Cat rejoiced as the child.
- Etto very good soup, I see! - he declared, has to be, being ashamed that it one of attendees will eat it! And, having deeply shipped a spoon in the food seasoned with vegetable oil and onions, began silently them to enjoy.
Ya considered the Cat with a complex feeling of admiration of his talent and
of pity to his complicated speech.
But me was time to go. I got up quietly, being afraid to prevent it. Yulechka left
for me in a lobby.
- Unusual, huh? - she asked, having covered a door. - Unique! you know
, it another, than all! It has a passion, - Yulechka easily used already become obsolete word, it is visible, in their family used. - She is a ballerina. But all this is Platonically! Mi - the Flat (how many flats - forgot!) . He writes it letters, is at them. Whether she understands in its bells - I do not know, but he devotes her the harmonizations bell. You will hear, it as the whole concert! Music - surprising! And it is surprising!
the Serious, courageous, attractive face of Yulechki which was usually striking with the strong-willed beginning was festively recovered.
- Yes, quite tremendous impression, - I answered, without having found still other word. - To me it, you know whom reminded? You do not know? Prince Myshkin!
- the Truth? Well, it you... No! You do not think, it is very derisive: nicknamed the father the Source, sisters - Reverends... Self-defense! Mischief sometimes even! In Myshkin it was not!
- How many years to it, the Cat?
- Twenty seven! It is a pity that you leave.
Ice-covered steps, frost, wind. I go, having hidden a nose in a collar.
the Son, probably, from school returned, it is necessary to go rather. Behind there was the whole world, magic and unclear, incomprehensible, but to a zhalobnost - real. Before some not clear constraint in a breast.

Chapter 2

the Cat easily responded on the invitation - in our next meeting at Yakovlev. It will come for me on Saturday before a night service.
it will not be Today in their house, and to me is somehow sad. Entered soul. Having handed over to
a pack of catalog cards, I was late, talking to Yulechka. And here for the first time saw that about whom only knew: the father Alexey Ivanovich, and I in nervousness watch scope of a pendulum of life. Ivan Yakovlev. Who does not know it on its homeland! The creator of writing of Chuvashs, like the hero national paved to people the way - for ages. But decades passed - - he lives on rest at the son, having lost memory, having forgotten the greatness and the work. It passes, conducted by the old woman - the wife, through the room in a bathroom, the silent, gray-haired skeleton of the past which is absent...
Oh, this feeling which youth shudders, looking at a show
of an old age whether it a hidden silver chill runs on hair young, podgotovly, awaking a prislushivaniye to what has to come? As if over a chasm naklonyas, I looked to it following... Work of the person is live, and the person endured himself...
- But, - will tell me, - overexposure! Unless all live up to age of such old age, before the second infancy?
- Yes, yes, - I joyfully fall into objection, - unless was not at the creator of the Chuvash writing of gray-haired years of creativity? When shoulders not crooked still were mighty and wide? (When the old age was still stolen to them...) And our Pavlov, for physical exercise cheerfully in eighty to towns the player? Tolstoy, one year prior to death jumping astride? But also they left, and their creativity remained!
- Means, on Saturday for you the Cat comes? - told, having left for me in a lobby, Yulechka. - Only be ready, to a bell vesper it is impossible to be late and it will be already out of itself(himself) for fear that we will be late! To it - you know, what is the most difficult? That`s it this accuracy - he would sit down on a belltower on how many want hours, he tried, there became angry about him - promises to prepare only ropes, to part them all one after another to begin as it is necessary to it, - and suddenly will touch them, and prior to the beginning of service the ring, easy, which is hardly heard is distributed... It cannot wait! We smiled to
both. For pleasure, from anticipations? From proximity to mysterious, as in the childhood...
- Here Gliere also wants to check his kompozitorstvo, - reported, saying goodbye, Yulechka, - the Cat argues with those who after the childhood tried to teach it! “To what they supposedly can teach me if they do not hear all sounds? One flat? One sharp? They are deafs... I - y m - about - and - x at - h - and - t - but you will not learn the deaf!“ Both laughs, and rubs hands: scratch at it - to call!
of Hour for one and a half till the fixed time called me to telephone.
- Vva got - tova? - the Cat voice was heard. - I to vva go! And it is already ringing, and the guest enters my room filled old furniture.
- - I came zzzarany! - - cheerfully the Cat reported, - that there was a confidence that not opozzday!
Having taken the shining view of the walls covered with pictures and portraits it went to go along them how many the narrowness allowed. - At vvas it is interesting, - he told joyfully. - I love when - so... I do not love naked rooms. Ttogd`s
seems to me, I - in prison! Or - in hospital!
It stopped before the big photo of my sister Marina.
- Ochchen an accurate izzobrazheniye mi seventeen flats, - he exclaimed it is absorbed. - - And it twelve sharps are a little erased by SI. the old card of the father my son Andrey was
- And again mi seventeen flats, - the Cat with a look passed seventeen flats to the children`s photo of Marina and, further, to small group where against the Italian garden, in the center of group of children, there was ten-year-old my sister, in a sailor suit, similar to the boy, - here at you everywhere for some reason mi a minor. its
, is visible, did not interest that he sees the same. the person at various age, it - - did not reach.
- And - again! - already absolutely he delightfully exclaimed, having glanced in the frame standing on a secretary where my sister, years of thirty, was removed near the husband and the daughter. - It uddivitelno! Main sounding of the room!
- And what my tonality? - I smiled.
- Mi sixteen sharps a major! - Togchas, slightly with amazement that (ask about evidence, the Cat explained, - same - it is clear...
- Same is only clear to you, the Cat! - I responded pedagogically. He agreed, having immediately become serious:
- Well, well! They are do not understand! Certainly... And vvot I do not understand how it is possible to live and not to hear tone - nalnost of people around... in it - a mmolchanye! Probably, it is difficult for the person! Not to hear! Surprisingly! I - could not! Nno - what time is it now? Tell, please? Probably, it is time!
We left in bluish twilight. Merzlyakovsky Lane was quiet.
Suddenly the Cat stopped, listening. - you Hear
? - he asked by the shaken voice, and his face became solemnly, - it a bell Veshnyakovsky calls! - he spoke happily, selflessly, - it well that is far! I once could not take out it - fell! Etto was long ago...
Air was absolutely silent, no ring was heard. Without words, one nervousness, concordant with it, I felt: not “it seems to it“, and - “we do not hear...“
Existence of the huge world of the sounds inaccessible to us passed on me
awe of the declared reality. Suddenly opened.
the Big church yard in one of zamoskvoretsky lanes slowly of
was filled with the people. If to look at it from above - - two streams of going would be designated: one went to the temple, another spread on a far corner of the yard over which the belltower towered. And while the first stream entered doors silently, the second filled the yard with hubbub of voices.
Exchanged words, continually looking up where was seen, from time to time
disappearing behind stone ledges of a belltower, a silhouette of the person in dark. It something did
there, bending and becoming straight.
- Prepares! - Yulechka explained to me.
Among crowd I noticed group of people, something from other differing: they kept together, briskly talking, was even similar on a bet. In their appearance there was something special - - a certain holenost to become, sound fur coats, dandyish fur caps; at two hair acted from - under furs - long, almost to shoulders.
- Musicians! - Yulechka whispered. - Always happen here when it plays!
pinched from time to time the Frost. People tapped a leg about a leg. Ozhidanye became
painful. And all - it blew up unexpectedly. As if the sky failed!
Lightning stroke! A rumble - and the second blow. Gradually,
the musical thunder one by one falls, and the rumble goes from it... And suddenly - began to wail, it was filled in with a bird`s twitter, modulating singing some it is not known big birds, a holiday of bell triumph! Pereklikanye of sounds, light, shining against a buzzing and a rumble! The alternating melodies arguing conceding voices. It was the high water which rushed, filling in the vicinity with streams...
Is deafening - unexpected combinations, inconceivable in hands of one person!
Bell orchestra!. .
Having raised the heads, looked standing on the one who played above, having thrown back
, - it, appear, would fly if not leashes of the
languages bell which it kept in the selfless movement, having as if embraced
open hands all belltower covered with a set of bells. They, huge birds, let out the copper, booming rings, golden, silver shouts fighting about blue silver of Lastochkin of the voices which filled night with an unknown fire of melodies. Escaping from grounds of sounds, they lit up separate accords, the flying-up bird`s packs, sounds - filled the sky above and above, overflowed it. But already the psalm reader ran on a short flight of stairs:
- Enough! it is not necessary to call Any more!
A the bell ringer, has to be, “could not stop“, does not listen! Finishes the harmonization...
- Dda! - with tears the high dlinnoborody old man in the eyes told, - much I heard bell ringers on my century, but this... Also there were not enough words! People argued.
- it has absolutely organ sound! - someone spoke. - I anything similar... there is no
- Yes, not body! You understand, it is some orchestra!
- the Genius, of course!
- So to it Narkompros of bells, speak, navydavat! - tried “to explain“ some voice.
- Well and that? Narkompros, perhaps, plays? To us with you though from all Union of a bell bring...
- Yes, I on my century heard many bell ringers, - repeated, admiring, the dlinnoborody old man, - but this...
Dark - not eyes, and Yulechkina`s eyes from - under down a scarf sparkled, - - it seems that maternal pride.
- Not in vain I brought you here?
was not words to answer!
the People dispersed. We waited for the hero of the occasion.
It left to us joyful, excited.
the Look with which his Yulechka presented from the earth was torn off. It was reflection of the sounded miracle. But, uvidav ears of the Cat, red from a frost, it returned to reality.
- Go to us, - she told simply, - mother now tea will give to drink us! And medicine will give you, you are chilled...