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What smartphones applications should be used to the traveler? You know

who for the minimum payment or in general is free of charge capable to replace on travel of tour operator, the guide, photographer, and at the same time and the translator? Of course your favourite smartphone!

It is enough to come on Android market, Google play, App store (who has that) and to load necessary applications on your phone. They will help you to reserve at the last moment flight or the room in hotel, to find the mildest way to restaurant and to contact darling of people for one thousand kilometers from you.

Let`s consider the most convenient programs for downloading.

Always stay in touch or free Wi - Fi

it to you will help

B with an every spot on the globe of Free Wi - Fi Finder . The appendix will scan and will find the closest point of access. However be ready to the slow speed of connection.

The appendix works on Android, iPhone, iPad; free of charge.

Number at a discount

Urgently was necessary for

the room in hotel of London, Edinburgh or in any city of the USA? Then the Hotel Tonight appendix will help you with it.

The program will find and the boutique - hotels and luxury will offer you good discounts for hotels of a class. The only minus the appendix is designed only for those who travel in couple or alone.

The appendix works on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; free of charge.

the Ticket at the favorable price

for this purpose use the OnTheFly application and you will be provided with information on all necessary flights. For obtaining the necessary information just enter a route and date of a trip. The clever program will demonstrate in what days it is the most favorable to fly.

The appendix works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone; free of charge.

the Next … anything

needs Urgently to find

restaurant, the parking, hospital, hotel or still something? For this purpose is of AroundMe . The appendix will offer the most popular places from any category, will explain how to reach them and how many meters still it was necessary to pass.

The appendix works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone; free of charge.

Learn a weather forecast

I you will be helped with it by the Weather channel appendix . By your inquiry it will issue you the hourly forecast for the next day and the general forecast on following ten.

It is very convenient to use the appendix when for example, decided to order river walk (in hot day), excursion in the museum (in rainy day) or rise on the Eiffel Tower (in clear day).

The appendix works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire; free of charge.

Travel to the subway and save time

Got confused in the subway map of the big city? It does not matter. Just set station of sending and terminal station in the MetrO program and it will prompt the shortest way.

For example, you wanted to reach on the Parisian subway from the hotel to the Eiffel Tower. Of course, it can be made in the different ways, but the clever program will prompt only, the fast moreover with all changes.

The appendix works on iPhone, iPad; free of charge.

Excellent photos

Leave at home favourite “soap tray“. The Camera appendix + will supply your phone with the timer, the stabilizer and a qualitative zoom. Besides you will be able to add flash already on a ready picture. It is very useful if you like to remove in churches or the museums where flash is often forbidden.

By the way if you cannot remember the place where the picture is made, the clever program will prompt to you and will even show on the map.

The appendix works on iPhone, iPad iPod Touch; $0,99.

the Little table at restaurant

For example, you have a rest in the resort where there are not enough restaurants. Respectively demand for them will be big. Here you will be come to the rescue by the OpenTable appendix .

It will show actual information in what institution there is a free little table, and will help to reserve it. It is enough to click on a reserve of a little table and to send confirmation to Triplt.

The appendix works on Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire; free of charge.

On it, perhaps, all. Of course, it is much more useful appendices and within their this article it is just impossible to consider everything. Successful travel.