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Who your clients or Why it is necessary to begin with the end?

in the middle of the left summer almost at Dome Square (a main square of Riga) in the magnificent ancient building the Gospital restaurant opened. Sitting in cafe opposite, we with the wife observed how a day before opening the girl - the designer ran there, checking whether the sign of restaurant is exactly made and whether scenery are correctly placed.

After opening the entrance had “medical sister“ in a short skirt. Continually in a window “surgeon“ in a green suit, probably, the waiter was shown. The concept of restaurant was checked very obviously. It is impossible to confuse it with one another.

From outside everything looked quite interestingly: sofas in the form of hospital beds, a searchlight from the operating room, a tooth and gynecologic chair decorated restaurant halls. In an aperture of a huge window not less huge strait jackets “dried“. “Nurses“ and “surgeons“ created full effect of the hospital atmosphere.

However later more than half a year after opening turned out that clients not really - that favor this institution. Looking through a window at almost constantly empty halls of the first floor, I mentally give to this restaurant some more months of life. Why? Because as I do not try, I cannot answer one idle time, but the question, vital for any business: and who is he, the visitor?

You can imagine a romantic dinner with the girlfriend or the wife, sitting near a worldly-wise gynecologic chair? Or in a stomatologic office? And in general - sitting in a suit or an evening dress on a hospital bed?

Of course, on taste and color - there are no companions. Probably, will be among us and such, and I accept it. However they will be minority, and a good few from them, I think, does not admit it. It is clear, that respectable burghers with good imagination, like me and my spouse, on the whole will not become visitors of this institution.

Then, maybe, the restaurant is counted on youth which for certain it will be “on a trick“? I allow. But, having looked at the prices in the menu, I understand that the youth will not be able to afford it, for them the price just transcendental.

Perhaps, foreigners, especially abnormal British stagnayter will be tempted with terrible attributes of the Soviet medicine? However in the menu I see dishes which will hardly attract attention of the English yobs which got used to cheap beer, girls and chips. Well, I will not say about normal foreigners for which to have dinner in such situation - all the same what to eat near the dead person.

We will add the fact here that the restaurant opened in the middle of the summer and missed a half of the possible income. Besides, the magnificent building of the end of a century before last mentioned above and extremely “center“ place force to think of a high rent. Now it is possible to imagine how the owner of this institution feels, constantly losing serious money.

A conclusion arises by itself: starting business, begin with the end. If you were the owner of this restaurant and looked in the future, then whom you would see at the restaurant? Students or foreigners, Rigans of average years or youth? According to it you also formed the advertizing and price policy.

So, beginning the project, always imagine a picture of successfully working enterprise and answer honestly such questions:

1. How it to you seems?
2. Who your clients?
3. How many they have to be?
4. Where they are now?
5. How they learn about your product?
6. How will get to the place of sale?
7. What will they feel, using your product or service?
8. How they will be able to tell about your company to the friends and colleagues?

Now, walking back, plan the corresponding actions by years, on months, on weeks, maybe, even on days.

One more conclusion which I for myself drew: in business you should not behave as the teenager who dyes hair in green color to pay general attention to himself, and then complains that it is not hired in bank.

To be allocated externally simply, it is more difficult to be allocated, serving better, than competitors, the “necessary“ clients.