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Spain: what cities to visit in tourist off-season?

Tourists can come to Spain all the year round. In the winter here the sun continues to shine, and it is rare when air temperature falls lower than +10 °. The special charm is in what on streets of the Spanish cities is uncrowded at this time. It is possible to wander quietly on cozy small streets, enjoying architecture masterpieces.

Should be mentioned a magnificent Spanish lunch also: about various snack tapas, about nourishing tortilla and a paella, and also about fine wines, sangria and a sherry.

Sights of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia as well as possible will be suitable for acquaintance with this beautiful country. Probably, it is the most beautiful cities of Spain, at each of them the history and the character.

It is better to begin the description of the cities of Spain with Madrid. It is the capital of the country, and life in it is in full swing day and night. To tourists is what here to be engaged. In Madrid by all means it is worth visiting the world famous museums: Prado, Tissena - Bornemisa, gallery of the modern art of the queen Sofia and others.

Plunge into the atmosphere of this city, walk on the well-known parks of Madrid, visit quarters Malasana, Chueka, Salamanca and Lavalyes. Here the snackbars and bars, best in the city, are located. Sitting at a cozy little table of street cafe and observing city landscapes, feel a rest charm in Spain.

Do not forget to visit Gran Via Street in old part of the city where the set of souvenir shops, shops and cozy small restaurants is located. Shopping for the Russian tourists - always important part of foreign rest.

Well, and in the downtown it is worth examining the Royal palace and a main square of Madrid - Puerta - del - Salt. On the square there is a “zero“ kilometer and a bear sitting on a tree strawberry (a symbol of Madrid).

On a question, what city first of all it is worth visiting in Spain, much visited this country will answer - of course, Barcelona. This Spanish city, probably, the most European. It is the best of all to visit him in days of festivals and holidays when here the special atmosphere of revival and cheerfulness reigns.

This magnificent city of Spain combines life of the European megalopolis and a charm of the resort Mediterranean. Among unique ancient structures, by the refined areas it is possible to wander about city streets till the dead of night. The most part of sights of Barcelona is in the downtown. It is the well-known Sagrada Familia - a masterpiece of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, Picasso`s museum, the historical museum, art galleries, the central market and so forth

the Main tourist artery of the city - a pedestrian street of Ramblu. Here it is possible to have a rest, sitting at a little table of cozy cafe and listening to live music performed by vagrant musicians. Do not forget to glance to the port. From here the line of the city funicular which will bring you to the mountain Monzhuik begins. Here the best panoramic platform of Barcelona with which the tremendous view of the city and its vicinity in a frame of mountains opens is located.

Well, and it is possible to go by an electric train to the sea in the warm solar afternoon and to enjoy the sun on beaches of cozy coastal towns, and even to jerk to the neighboring Andorra where sell the cheapest to audio - and video equipment.

The third largest Spanish city is Valencia. Moors called this place paradise on the earth. Here set of wide pure beaches, orange groves and silent fishing small villages around. Nevertheless, night life of Valencia is in full swing too. The tourist has no time to miss here. Valencia is known for the so-called City of science. In the territory of this complex the Palace of arts, planetary movie theater and the Museum of science with the largest oceanarium in Europe are located.

The old part of the city is interesting by the landscape park. Here ancient stone bridges remained, all territory is speckled by pedestrian tracks, bicycle tracks and soccer fields.

A central square of the city - the Oriental carpet - del - Ayuntamyento - has unusual triangular shape. Here always briskly. A row located the fragrant flower market. City quarters, characteristic of Valencia, are located to the North from the central market along the river.

Well, and in the center of this Spanish city it is always possible to visit the Palace of meetings of Cortes, the Cathedral, to examine examples of architecture of the late and early Middle Ages. In the city the set of ancient constructions, in particular - Torres de Serrano`s gate, a chapel Santo Calis, Torre`s tower - del - Migelete, La Seo`s cathedral and others remained.

The description of the cities of Spain which should be visited first of all can be continued indefinitely. However here pertinently to mention the known saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words“. That who at least once will visit the most beautiful cities of Spain, by all means will want to arrive to this beautiful country after a while again.