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How the Russian tourists put on?

Not so long ago international system of sale of air tickets Skyscanner conducted survey among the users as tourists from the different European countries put on, being sent on leave abroad. More than 12 thousand people from 6 countries took part in poll (except Russia). Taste and style of vacationers were estimated by

on a ten-mark scale. By results of poll it turned out that the Russian tourists put on most worse in Europe. Why Russians were given such low mark and what ourselves think about it?

Foreigners always reproached the Russian tourists with tendency to the conflicts, aspiration to solve the arisen problems with the help of money and in lack of the European manners. Now it turned out that they are irritated still also by our manner to put on. By results of poll to travelers from Russia more than three points were delivered by nobody. The highest marks were received by stylishly dressed tourists from Italy and Spain.

Really, it is possible to distinguish the Russian tourists in crowd of vacationers easily - they put on according to style which was created at us about 10 - 15 years ago. Earlier our country was isolated from the outside world and to overcome many cultural distinctions, time is required.

Still Russian men sport on beach resorts in the morning and in the evening in traditional shorts, in bedroom-slippers with socks, with a naked torso and a gold chain on a neck, and can come to restaurant in “Nike“ or “Adidas“. But our ladies are especially allocated in resorts. Here two extremes are observed. Some even go to the beach in model footwear on heels and the put-on things from - couture, and others on streets of resorts like to walk in bikini, having covered beach pareo. The famous historian of fashion A. Vasilyev somehow mentioned in the lecture that our women put on and painted with the abroad so as if are ready to marry in a minute.

There is no wish to reproach the Russian tourists with excesses or shortage in clothes without grounds somehow. They put on in own way. What to do, our women got used to wear high-heeled everywhere and to leave in the morning the house in an evening make-up.

There is also other opinion on how the Russian tourists put on. So, our many women who are constantly living the abroad consider that if see the well-groomed and dressed with taste lady on the street, then it by all means will be from Russia. Canadians, for example, on Patya can come in black tights, sneakers, having covered with a hat. In Belgium women put on just awfully and leave the house, without having found time to use a hairbrush and perfume. So who puts on more awfully - we or foreigners?

Nevertheless in the majority the Russian tourists put on tastelessly. The industry of fashion in Russia only begins to develop, and the European tendencies come to us with big delay. At bulk of our population, especially from the province, taste to fashionable and stylish clothes is not developed. And strong impact is exerted by traditions. For example, in beach resorts except the Russian men of melting nobody carries. Do not think that foreigners naked, just in fashion now special beach pants. And bikinis were a thing of the past. Now at pools it is accepted to be in continuous bathing suits.

Really, the make-up before visit of a breakfast at restaurant of hotel is characteristic only of our women. However it does not mean that foreigners do not watch themselves. Go with the husband to the resort with two big suitcases. But not to sport change of dresses or to be photographed in them and always to be in fresh clothes - God forbid then will begin to smell.

As the Russian tourists should put on not to look black sheep the abroad?

First of all, being guided in the place of the rest. The straw hat, the Hawaiian shirt and linen easy trousers will be inappropriate in the museums of London. And here the tourist dressed in dense jeans and a tweed jacket on whom in Amsterdam or Helsinki nobody also will turn attention in Palermo will stand out too from the general crowd.

You should not forget also about customs, cultural and religious, countries of residence. Where Islam is practised, to women do not recommend to put on in too frank dresses. Well and it is necessary to wear beachwear only at the hotel beach or by the sea.

Frankly sports shoes and clothes in resorts are unacceptable. It suits only for a gym. To go in it on hotel and furthermore to go to holiday - a sign of nasty taste.

In general the Russian tourist needs to put on by the rule of golden mean. The clothes should not be defiant, but to be the most convenient. Women, clean the dresses of the shouting coloring and openwork stockings to the next carnival.

Europeans in resorts are irritated that the Russian women want that all saw in what they are dressed. Irritates foreigners when our ladies are too richly dressed and shine with expensive jewelry. Well, in it there is the reason: the Russian women are beautiful also with ease, at desire, can take away their husbands.

Well and last recommendation. Look at the foreigners having a rest in resorts. They always in good mood, are friendly also with a smile on faces. Our tourists have usually persons “sour“ as though they there are forced to have a rest. Follow an example of foreigners.