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Halloween: where to go for a holiday of witches?

Many residents of our country did not get used to an unusual and surprising holiday which in the West causes shouts of pleasure of all children. It is about Halloween - day when the evil spirits “come out of the shadow“. But there are also such people who specially look for places that is capable to be made terrible day on - special terrible. If all of you still look for

where to go for Halloween, then we offer you unusual and terrible places on our planet - the island of dead dolls that settles down in Mexico, near Shochimilko`s region, the Parisian catacombs and Telmsky abbey that is on Sicily.

History of creation of the island of dead dolls began last century when in its territory there lived a strange hermit - Don Julio Santana Barrera. Despite the fact that he did not maintain the friendly relations with anybody of the neighboring settlements very few people thought that he will create the place which will become one of the most awful on Earth. The idea of the island of dead dolls, most likely, came to Santana after death of the little girl that drowned near the island. This event not only brought horror to the settlement, but also strongly touched a condition of mental health of Don of Julio. Those few people who communicated with the hermit heard from him chilling stories that the spirit of the girl comes to it to the island, without finding themselves rest.

After a while water beat on the island the broken doll which Don Julio picked up and hung up on a tree, hoping that it will calm spirit of the died girl. But, as it appeared, to the ghost of the girl of it there was too little therefore Santana began to bypass local dumps soon, looking for everything new and new dolls and hanging up them on trees that grew on the island. Some dolls it was brought by locals in exchange on vegetables that it grew up at itself(himself) on a kitchen garden.

Don Julio died at the age of eighty years in 2001, but even today the island of dead dolls attracts tourists with the mystical horror. In fifty years of the hermetical life Don Julio Santana Barrera collected more than one thousand whole and broken dolls, from some of them there were only parts. All of them hang on island trees to this day, inspiring fear on local children and tourists.

Not less horror direct of a catacomb near Paris which represent long labyrinths of corridors. In many places of a wall decorate the real human bones and skulls, inscriptions which were here even at the time of revolution in France. Catacombs direct horror at tourists the terrible look, not without reason great writers Hugo and Rice wrote about them so much. Catacombs are stretched under the city of love on 187 kilometers though tourists have the right to visit only their small part. The most impressionable visitors go on about legions of dead persons which turned into vampires and the zombie over time. The main reason of emergence of such rumors and terrible legends it is possible to call the fact that underpasses existed on the place of catacombs in the Roman times.

The Telmsky abbey on Sicily , despite the quite usual look, casts horror over visitors too. It is explained by the fact that the former house of Alistair Crowley who was the most zealous occultist of all times and the people is considered monastery of a Satanism to this day. The abbey which received the name in honor of the known utopia of the writer Rabelais was created for various orgies and devilish actions. “the room of nightmares“ where walls decorated various frescos was the most awful. There, under the influence of the drugs extended then, beginners entered a trance to be engaged in free love.

Today the abbey is almost destroyed, but this place all the same attracts courageous tourists from around the world.