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“007: Coordinates of “Skayfoll“ or How James Bond were noted by anniversary?

For the first time in 50 years of the existence on a screen James Bond will not rescue mankind. His present enemy is cunning and dangerous, more than ever, because the agent 007 is grown by the same system, as. Its purpose - not world supremacy, not gold, and banal revenge that does opposition of the parties even more desperately. As not to Bond know a coma that punishment does not bear other fruits, except a devastation.

… Bond was not lucky. On mission in Turkey it was supplied with the cross-eyed workmate, and therefore the agent 007 a little bit died. While he arose from the dead, its barchelor apartment in London was sold, and the MI office - 6 has not the best times. The unknown hacker - the terrorist into whose grabby hands the list of the introduced British agents got, brings chaos in work of a secret service of England. “M“ it is forced not only to scribble quick the obituary on the favourite subordinate, but also to listen to claims from the administration.

However in difficult hour for fatherland Bond comes back: unshaven, rumpled, but still reliable as the rock. To find for the imperceptible villain it appeared not so difficult. It is far more difficult to find out its true motives and opportunities. The former agent and the favourite of “M“ Silva at all also does not hide. He nourishes much more artful idea, and James Bond in his smart game - only one of key figures. However to underestimate Bond it is equivalent to death …

After relative failure with “Mercy quantum“ from the invited star - the director Sam Mendez - waited, at least, for a miracle, and it did not strike with the person in dirt. On a joint of innovation and traditions to it life in the long-playing franchize was offered not only to inhale, but also to note notably 50 - summer anniversary of film series. Considering that tasks obviously the friend the friend contradict, Mendez coiled as an eel on a frying pan, trying to please both ours, and yours. What was asked turned out: “An old dog - new tricks“.

New Bond is at the same time similar to everything that we saw earlier, and is not similar to himself. In it Mendez`s talent to which would hardly entrust Bondiana, be not in his asset of “A damned way“. To shoot the next storm action film about fight 007 with the universal evil in a face of some psychopath - a megalomanyaka - a superior intelligence it is not necessary. With it almost all late movies with Pierce Brosnan`s participation sinned and the mentioned “Mercy quantum“ nearby left from a cliche. Thanks to Christopher Nolan`s genius (and influence of his creativity is felt in “Coordinates Skayfoll“ distinctly) all present blockbusters are simply obliged to maintain epicism of the narration. And in this plan to a tape does not get only bats and a mask.

There is exactly so much action in the movie not to distract the viewer from the visceral conflict. The messing around straining eyes in scenes of pursuits and fights disappeared. The picture “appeared a twilight“, having relieved audience of looking at the working fan. The nine-time nominee of the Oscar, the operator Roger Deakins, cleared a shot of all superfluous, shading each episode panoramas of the night cities, stony landscapes or the crying sky of London. Its personal masterpiece - opposition of Bond and the hired killer Patrice in neon reflections of skyscrapers of Shanghai - by right will make the serious competition to the well-known episode of execution in the rain of the same “A damned way“. Thanks to Deakins “Skayfoll“ - one of the few movies, really worthy display in the expensive IMAX format.

However the outer side of a question occupies authors much less, than fight of characters. Return to sources incurably demands digging in psychology and dismantling “according to Freud“. Who exactly was nedolyubit by mummy, we will find out during viewing, and it became fundamental motive of new Bond. From area of unreal collisions and stamped villains a series of Bondiana final today passes into the category of spy thrillers where each phrase matters, but is not just thrown in air. Not the love triangle of characters is played without a hitch, and everyone has accurate motive for rejection here. But be not afraid, the drama is necessary for creators only as a binding element. All company signs of film series remained on places, without giving chance to forget that on a nose anniversary.

Conservatism of the agent 007 - his weakness and advantage at the same time. Be not in a shot of Q updated to unrecognizability, a smart cabriolet of “Aston Martin“, an elegant suit and “Walter“ how still we could guess what on the screen - again It? All these nuances are scattered on timing to cause in the viewer in the hall a natural applause. And if James Bond admits unwillingness something to change, then why to refuse to it such trifle? The loop of all fifty-year history tries to keep step with “Skayfoll“, forming a simple and clear associative array: martini, women and license for murder. Psychological cross-questioning confirms once again: Bond is a brand, we want it or not really.

Authors unexpectedly present us thought: but whether all these espionage games became outdated? It is free quoting two characters of the movie at once: “Why to puff in a pursuit and to wave fists when sitting in one pajamas, it is possible to cause the foes much more troubles?“. However, not without reservation: “Sometimes it is necessary and to do some shooting“. Very clearly “Skayfoll“ pulls on a full-fledged retro, incessantly looking back in the past. Now in fashion to give food to nostalgic memoirs if only is what to remember. In our case almost all new is well forgotten old. And even Daniel Craig who first seemed absolutely improper choice for this role is perceived today by many as only the right decision.

How Bardem on whom were laid great hopes played? As usual, brilliantly. The Spaniard is traditionally not lucky with hairdresses (“To old men here not the place“), but not in it an essence. The excellent find with a set of false teeth will be in dreams to especially impressionable audience for a long time, and about style, manners and other we will modestly hold back. At least, without Bardem in the movie there would be no life as Buratino would have no theater without Gold key.

Probably, the most important and correct criterion of value of work aftertaste can serve. If leaving a cinema hall you still feel as the superspy on service of Her Majesty, then, obviously, authors managed to make impression on you. Effect, of course, short-term, before the next collision with reality, but whether for the sake of this momentary and bright delusion we in general go to the cinema on similar movies?