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What articles on ShZh are written by authors - women? Today we will sort the small treatise

authors - women. There is a lot of them, but two categories are especially numerous: Dunya is a koyechnitsa and Raisa Zakharovna .

That for Raisa Zakharovna? I remind:

- Girls, appease your mother! Lyudk! And Lyudk! Fie, village!
- Salt is a white poison.
- So sugar white poison.
- Sugar is a sweet poison.
- Raisa Zakharovna, maybe, with hlebushky, and?
- Hlebushek is in general a poison!

Raisa Zakharovna knows EVERYTHING and trusts IN EVERYTHING. In psychics (extra... what? Psychic!) in telekinesis, the Philippine hiler ( without cutting, took out everything from a stomach - and in a basin! ), clairvoyance, newcomers ( such sad big eyes! - and you saw them? - Nobody saw them! ) and so on. And also in the fan - Shui, fortune-telling, a malefice and damage, memory of water, magic of mirrors, signs and in the fact that “the thought is material“. And in miracle diets, and as.

And she writes articles about all this!

Raisa Zakharovna`s articles are so chaotic that they cannot even be classified, here and “deliver you a toad in a hall - and to you the cash flow“, both influence of a name, and purely practical recommendations will rush, “that it is possible to give to goats in a year of a bull“ and how to guess on immature figs and what magic sounds should be said to grow thin and how to interpret prophetic dreams... Not to list everything. Raisa Zakharovna devoutly trusts in all this because she in the head has no filters. The creed for it is reduced to thought: “once and did not trust in radio, and it is“. It follows from this that there is not only radio, but in general everything that only is pushed to us by various charlatans...

In these articles everything is mixed and mixed, according to spirits of the times is densely seasoned with a church incense, and the most fantastic image the strong votserkovlennost is perfectly combined with some karma, yoga and resettlement of souls. How all this can be combined if the orthodox Christianity strictly forbids all this fortune-telling and karmas? It is impossible to understand it, it needs just to be remembered...

Raisa Zakharovna`s articles are interesting by the fancifulness, and the thoughtful researcher would gather in these stalactites and stalagmites of collective unconscious much. In comments it is usually quite silent as sceptics do not read it at all, and sympathizers quietly tell similar “cases“ from the life and peacefully disperse. Advantage of them any, but also harm it is a little because read them, as a rule, already affected with a similar illness, and sometimes I to send quotes to acquaintances - to have fun.

Koyechnitsa Dunya for last years successfully graduated from workers` faculty, got a family and mastered the computer, she watches herself and actively gets acquainted with new trends. One only remained invariable: she still says the word “man“ often, tremblingly and with aspiration. She can even own real estate, but in soul all the same remains a koyechnitsa - the annex to the man without which considers the existence cancelled, and the provision of a koyechnitsa feels some fragile so its all the time should be strengthened.

As the woman modern, Dunya does not let matters drift, and investigates a question. Its views on family life are formed of two sources: the worldly wisdom of our grandmothers which is taken out by them from an era of military communism and a set of special mailings “about feminity“ which on behalf of women are written by Dunnos from the previous part of our treatise.

Articles of a koyechnitsa of Dunya happen two types. The first type - efficient , narrates about purely practical things: how to accustom the husband to a tray how to force it to bring a ponoska... that is a salary how to change clothes of it in pure etc., and all this so that it did not oserditsya, and is better - in general thought that he so wants. Means are for this purpose offered the most unscrupulous, generally pretense and manipulation, and also the veiled trade in sex. Dunya scoops councils in mailings, and sometimes they sincerely amuse: for example, gracefully to look for a nonexistent button under a bed, or to meet the husband from work in special linen. Whether there will be a husband, tired to an obaldeniye, who dreams only of cutlets, a bathtub and a sofa in the afternoon, is happy that he will be met in the doorway by the playful wife in the form of the nurse or the pioneer - there is no mention. Also it is offered to organize to the husband sessions of deep psychoanalysis on the subject “what powers of darkness from subconsciousness awaken the scattered socks“. The price to all these councils - a penny in a market day.

The second type of articles - theoretical , it is directed to driving the woman into a corner, to hang on her fault for everything that occurs. The husband drinks, beats and walks? At the good wife is would not drink, beats - means, it is guilty, etc. The same is stated also in more intelligent form: the woman has such aura that she is obliged to feed with the energy the husband and if in a family something not so - means, badly feeds. Besides repetition of the word “man“, in these articles passionately and much the formula “the woman has to“ repeats, and in particular - “it has to be womanly“. They understand feminity peculiar: to be womanly - means, to be weak, silly, obedient and densely namakiyazhenny day and night. They also impose this poor being to us in the form of a sample.

From these articles of advantage any, and harm - the sea, in particular - driving in in unfortunate women of a neurotic complex of fault is simple.

Why all this becomes? I assume that on the occasion of profitability of new business - any gurus, kouchy and other mentors “how to influence how to adjust and how to become ideal“, and even it is frank “how quickly to marry the oligarch“... The woman killed with these complexes falls into a trap easier and throws out money for “courses and trainings“.

Comments to these articles happen much too - joyful men to whooping “Pralno, it is obliged!“, the fooled aunts with babkiny vital installation and not numerous soberminded with the question “Guard What You Bear?“. To them the previous types of commentators immediately cling, and aunts lament, and men quickly pass to dirty insults. In comments an infernal sabbath, Dunya takes offense, the moderator is rushed off the feet, traffic grows... lepota!

Fortunately, there are on ShZh also other authors - both among M, and among Zh. I there is a lot of. Normal, interesting, responsible and sensible. But what to write about them? They should be read!