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What articles on ShZh are written by authors - men? Small treatise

... Once I already did huge work on systematization of articles on ShZh and their authors. But time goes, everything changes, also authors change.

Now we observe a certain polarization of authors and their favourite subjects on a gender sign. Two types most often occur among great ladies: Dunya is a koyechnitsa and Raisa Zakharovna . Among men - Znayk`s and Dunno . I will begin - out of politeness - with men.

Znayka - writes sound articles about something concrete. You will not find the generalized reasonings in its articles. Historic facts, medicine problems, the device of a country house, questions of earnings on the Internet, optimization of the websites, and also large volume of highly specialized articles “what (an iPod, a broom, the car...) it is better to buy and why“ and “how to distinguish qualitative the croaker from the dampened not standard“ . Write Znayki and culinary articles, but this question is already in details considered by me separately.

Recently on ShZh the fashion appeared - to write ironically and as if on the contrary, representing in paints - as it will be bad to the one who will not follow rules. For the first time it was ridiculous (possibly, at G. Oster in verses), but in the 100-th - rather annoyingly. And so - Znayka of it does not do - kog - yes! In total on business, without trick and literary beauty, it is sensible, it is useful, but... it is boring. Therefore comments to articles happens from few to a few - a couple of objections ( One business shpitsshtikhel, and absolutely another - bolshtikhel, natyurlikh! ) and heels of thanks, that`s all.

Another matter - Dunno . He knows nothing of that kind specially useful, shpitsshtikhelya from bolshtikhelya will not distinguish: Dunno though grew up, did not acquire knowledge, but did not lose self-confidence and aplomb. But got problems: to defects on the general knowledge big and very sore point - a man`s obizhennost and undervaluation naturally increased. Therefore article with dismantling why he is so offended and is not appreciated, take off from him as pancakes from a frying pan. And the same same: women who else are guilty, of course? And also lack of patriarchal education in a family, instability of moral foundations, noxious influence of the West (hairy feminizdka!) and - a thinking wreath - the intellectual insufficiency of women which is not allowing them to estimate quite greatness of the proud carrier of the main thing in the world of the device.

Sometimes in the course of justification of theories of the superiority of Dunnos brings to parascientific spheres, and then the mossy telegoniya, notorious male polygamy and so forth is born.

One more favourite subject of Dunno - distribution of household chores in a family and arrangement of family roles (very much worries, who main: who earns more or that, who has that natural distinction). However, the imagination at Dunnos has not enough therefore except quite general and muffled declarations of man`s domination business does not go. And it is a pity: it would be desirable to read specification i.e. as the author imagines it. But it happens seldom because convincingly and plausibly to satisfy all his dreams extremely difficult, the picture leaves fantastic - the wife turns out such hybrid of Yemelina of a pike, its oven (carries on itself the idler) and east well-cared beauty from the Kama Sutra, is delightful obedient and in lace lingerie.

At heart any understands that the dray horse seldom is well-cared, and one more party of an image appears here: Dunno - the visionary. It gathers additionally in articles what does not receive in life - pleasant patriarchal female humility as “an ideal family“ as he would like to present it, all in terms of the Domestic tyranny and sermons of radio of Radonezh, behind only one small difference. Instead of the strong head of the big merchant house where the only getter and Sil Silych Groznov`s supporter nourishingly provides a big family with a lot of children, vdovy and unmarried relatives and a staff of servants, on the imagined throne the pridira sits a little earning and diffident. Which and itself - that hardly contains.

Then that respect and awe - unlike Groznov`s Strength to receive that there is nothing, and there is a wish therefore pancakes - recipes and fritters - obidka are baked. Such articles of a klochkovata, are filled with emotional emissions and appeals by times of forefathers when everything was correct and as it is necessary, and women kept at a distance.

All articles are similar as from the conveyor, but the people every time in large quantities is conducted and rushes to object and to prove something, to defend some achievements of the present when the author does not need it at all, and also to ask inconvenient practical questions. For example, if the wife can make good money, glyantsevo to take care of the house, to raise children and at the same time for days to sit in Spa - salons and if at her all this turns out - why to it in that case still some master and what he rules over?

Other half supports completely and tells wild baizes about the West (held in the States a door to the woman - 10 years of penal servitude!) and the bitter stories of the loser usually in the form of “well I-that in the house the lord, and here was not lucky my friend“.

Culinary articles of Dunno write too, but they turn out rather near - culinary as they do not know sensible recipes, but are overflowed with the most various foolish theories in the field of dietology, and God forbid to you to use them.

On the website the mad dvizhukha, comments flock, moderators become exhausted to bring to reason the burned debaters! What well is also useful for a traffic, and also refreshes got involved in a fight. Good articles.


Note: all coincidence is casual on anybody personally here not nameknuto if someone really wrote about shpitsshtikhel or dry the croaker is not about you, to me just it was to check a lack of time search. Article - absolutely theoretical supervision of the long-term reader Shkolyzhizni. ru.

To be continued, great ladies - avtoressa will be slandered by me in the second part.