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Whether it is necessary to keep the family budget?

Probably, each family at least once came up against such situation when in the house all money came to an end. Usually it occurs literally some days before a pay. And it is not an indicator that this married couple earns a little at all, just they do not know that such the family budget and as it is correct to control onto the finance.

Of course, at a marriage young people think that the main thing in life - feelings, and the financial question at this moment of very few people interests. But, unfortunately, notorious household problems do the part. Very often the conflicts between spouses happen from - for money. Often such quarrels even advance disagreements between jealous men and a showdown from - for non-performance of family duties. For this reason it is better for young married couple to agree about how they will conduct the family accounts department initially. As it is correct to pick up it?

There are three versions of the family budget:

Joint is the so-called “general copper“ when all expenses are coordinated between spouses. This type of the family account is generally chosen by spouses who have an identical level of the income, or married couples where the husband supports the spouse. Big plus of the joint budget is that harmony because couple completely trusts each other reigns in a family.

(In common - separate) is share when everyone independently disposes of the income, exceptions in this case make large purchases and expenditure for the main needs. A positive side of such budget is that each family member has personal money which it can spend for anything.

Solidary - when the most part in the budget is brought by those at whom, respectively, earnings are higher.

The most widespread option is the joint, or general, family budget. If you chose it, then the income needs to be divided into three parts. The biggest of them, namely 50% to direct to necessary things (food, payment of utilities, acquisition of clothes, transport). 30% - on a thing desired (visits of restaurants, movie theaters, purchase of jewelry and so forth). And here to start up the remained 20% for savings. The family budget surely has to include contingencies . Best of all not to store the money saved in “Reserve“ under a mattress, and to carry in bank. The income from them will be not really big, but stable.

Within a month it is necessary to analyze all the income and expenses, to fix all expenses, and at the end of the month it will be visible what items of expenditure were spontaneous. Maintaining such house balance will save you from unnecessary purchases in the future and will teach economy. But you should not be zealous too - it is not necessary to save on health, education and children.

Of course, when maintaining home accounts department it is impossible to forget also about holidays. Sometimes it is necessary to indulge each other with pleasant trifles. The family budget will not suffer from it at all, and life to be filled with bright paints.