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How to prepare raisin broth?

Grapes are useful in any kind, but dried differs in special value. Dried grapes are usual, all the acquaintance and many favourite raisin. It is eaten in the natural form, added to porridge, pilaf, cottage cheese, to kvass - for the best fermentation, from it prepare broths. Broth of raisin is drink rich with minerals and vitamins which doctors recommend even to the least children.

Before preparing raisin broth, useful will be to learn about what this drink is valuable. From - for high concentration of potassium raisin broth perfectly copes with such delicate problem as locks. It stimulates an intestines vermicular movement, at the same time works softly. The dried apricots, prunes and a fig possess similar action. Also the fact that drink tasty, it is pleasant to children is important, and besides potassium other minerals which are well influencing not only on digestion also come to an organism.

As a rule, the raisin does not cause an allergy unless in exceptional cases, but it can be told absolutely about all products. Existence in raisin of vitamin B promotes that the child becomes less irritable and better sleeps. By the way, broth of raisin is shown not only to children. It can be used as prevention warmly - vascular diseases. If fresh grapes are not always available to us, then the raisin can be bought at any time. Personally I very much doubt that in grapes which lie on counters much in the winter there is something useful. Raisin - another matter. It is done of the grapes gathered during a season.

Broth of raisin is very useful to elderly people. As the raisin contains pine forest, broth from this product is accepted as prevention of osteoporosis and osteochondrosis. Unfortunately, it has also contraindications. The raisin should be excluded from a diet sick diabetes as in it sugar contains even more, than in grapes. It is impossible to use raisin and to people with an ulcer of a duodenum and stomach.

How to prepare raisin broth, it is advisable to know that who received medical treatment for antibiotics, and also that who often has catarrhal diseases. This drink is simply irreplaceable at organism dehydration. Each mother has to know: if the child has a high temperature, he needs to drink much, and it is good to offer as drink to the kid raisin broth. To begin to give this drink as I already spoke, it is possible from the earliest age - from half a year.

Broth of raisin will help and at poisonings. Waiting for medical assistance the patient needs to restore water balance. Raisin broth well copes with this task. If the child has low hemoglobin, the doctor can also prescribe it raisin broth. Quite often after this drink kids refuse to drink others, but it is possible to cope with this problem easily, gradually reducing concentration.

And now, actually, about that, how to prepare raisin broth . If just to boil raisin in a saucepan on fire, it will quickly lose useful qualities, and will not manage to pass the necessary substances into water. Therefore it is better to make raisin in a thermos. In a liter thermos it is necessary to fill up in it the washed-out raisin at the rate of 1 tablespoon on a glass of boiled water. On liter of water 4 - 5 tablespoons of berries turn out. Broth should allow to be drawn at least half an hour then it can be used.