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How the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE group created hits about love and drugs? To birthday of Grace Slik of

Among fate - groups which in 1960 - x represented the movement of hippie, “summer of love“ and San - Frantsisky sounding one of foregrounds is occupied by JEFFERSON AIRPLANE group. And the foreground in the group, certainly, was taken by Grace Slik - the girl with voice about which she best of all told: “I sang then with such force and anger which women of that time were afraid to show“.

However this bright figure appeared in group not at once. Grace`s
(then still - Ving) was born on October 30, 1939 in the suburb of Chicago, and first her life did not foretell any fate - rebelliousnesses. It graduated from prestigious board for girls, university Maiya (specialized in the fine arts) then some time worked with model. In 1961 - m Grace married Gerry Slik and nearly became the ordinary housewife. But the rough musical wave lifted by BEATLES did not avoid it - besides Grace decided that fate - musicians earn more, than models.

The first collective where Grace - THE GREAT SOCIETY began to sing - was in fact a family contract. Gerry`s husband and his brother of Derby entered it. The group did not achieve popularity, and the singer began to look “at the party“ - namely at JEFFERSON AIRPLANE group with which they acted in one club. By then JEFFERSON AIRPLANE already let out 1 - y an album in style folk - fate, and affairs at them went not bad. And here just from - for Signi Anderson`s pregnancies the group lost a female vocal (Martie Balin was man`s). Grace Slik right there came to a vacant place, and came not empty-handed.

It is interesting that two most successful hits JEFFERSON AIRPLANE were created as a part of THE GREAT SOCIETY. The first of them - angry shout of the deceived and thrown woman under the name “Somebody to Love“ (“To like“) (not to confuse somebody to the song QUEEN of the same name!) - Derby was written to Slik (that brother of the husband). Then it carried a bit different name “Someone to Love“ (“Somebody for love“) and was even published on a single, but did not make success.

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE approached record of a song carefully - while looked for a suitable sound, made about 50 doubles. But and the result left wonderfully well - the song captures the listener from the first steps the power and power.

Grace Slik:
“... in composition of “Somebody to Love“ the opening lines following: “When the truth appears lie, all pleasure in you dies“. When you understand that the truth is a lie, the anger comes. In the head there is an annoyance because I am angry. I add a vibrato to some moments to strengthen accents. I like to reach the breaking loudness, and then to abate...“.
Someone to love

When the truth appears only lie
and all pleasures die near you
unless you do not want someone to love
unless to you it is not necessary to love someone
unless you do not want to love, someone to love
you find somebody better to fall in love with

When the flower garden is dead and
and your reason is full of red
unless you do not want someone to love
unless you is not necessary someone to love
unless you do not want to love, someone to love
you better find somebody to fall in love

your eyes, I speak your eyes can be similar to its
but in your head, the baby, I am afraid that you do not know where is
unless you do not want someone to love
unless to you is not necessary someone to love
unless you do not want to love, someone to love
you better find somebody to fall in love with

of a tear fall, ah your friends fall on your breast
also, the baby, they address you as to the guest
unless you do not want someone to love
unless to you it is not necessary to love someone
unless you do not want to love, someone to love
you find somebody better to fall in love

the Second hit - hitishche Grace wrote already. The name of the song “White Rabbit“ (“the White Rabbit“) sent us to the well-known fairy tale about Alice in Wonderland at once. But also not only to it...

The second half of 1960 - x passed under a banner of psychotropic drugs like an acid. Then was considered that “acid“ drugs of special harm do not bear. On the contrary - expand subconsciousness, liberate the imagination, show the world in bright paints etc. of

Strange images from Carroll`s fairy tale as well as possible were suitable for the description of a narcotic trip. Here to you a mushroom, having eaten which you decrease, you grow, and a blue caterpillar with a hookah, and the recovered chess... However, in a lyrics there is also an inaccuracy: the phrase “The head from shoulders down with!“ in the fairy tale not the Red Queen, but the Queen Chervey shouted. Probably, one of the first connected by Grace Slik Carroll`s fairy tale with drugs, and this bad tendency did not die still. Soon after an exit of “White Rabbit“ the anonymous author will publish the book representing as if the diary of the girl - addicts and called on a song line - “Ask Alice“.

To a lyrics also kumaryashchy music with east sounds of a guitar and disturbing fraction in beat was a match for a bolero. Tension increased and came to an end with the Mouse appeal - Sleepyheads (one more heroine of the fairy tale): “Feed the head!“ .

From interview with Grace Slik:
“- “A white rabbit“ - as a metaphor for drugs?
- Not absolutely. Something like curiosity which pursues you. The white rabbit is your curiosity. Alice followed it where it went. He led it to drugs, by the way, therefore this song was written. Yes well, all children`s books about it. In Peter Pena sparkling dust allows to fly. In the Wizard Strany Oz they wake up on the poppy field and see the beautiful Emerald City. Our parents read to us a story about different chemistry by means of which it is possible to have a good time“.

the White rabbit

Only one tablet will make you a giant;
Only one tablet will reduce you to the microscopic sizes. Remember
- those pills that mother gave you,
Never rendered on you such action!
Call - Alice, Ask

: what it - to be ten growth of feet? Know
that if you go to a pursuit of a white rabbit,
That you will fall sooner or later. Explain
to them that the Caterpillar,
Called you...
Call - Alice,
Ask it what it - to be such small?

... Inhabitants of a chessboard
Explain to you where you have to go. Bite off with
a mushroom piece -
I your consciousness will abandon you...
Ask - about it Alice -
I Think, she knows about what the speech.

... Harmony and logic,
Dead, will clumsily be pushed to the floor. the White Knight will start over again telling
fairy tales,
I... The red Queen from it “The head to it from shoulders!.“ - Remember
then that told you the Mouse - the Sleepyhead: “Feed with
the head! Feed the head! FEED the HEAD!“

how expansion of consciousness results in madness, people find out soon, and after Slik admits that “our promotion of an acid was quite dangerous piece“ .

Despite barefaced narcotic implication which will begin to be found soon and where it is not necessary “the White Rabbit“ successfully made the way on radio and quickly became one of anthems of “psychodelic“ fate. The song is still used in different soundtracks, accompanying either strange events, or hallucinations, or a drug taking.

“Somebody to Love“ and “White Rabbit“ became the most successful hits JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - they will occupy 5 - e and 8 - e places in charts of the USA. Other singles of such progress will not achieve that cannot be told about albums which prior to the beginning of 1970 - x perfectly were on sale. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE became a symbol of the era and the only group noted on three well-known hippies - festivals - in Monterrey (67), Woodstock and Altamonte (69).

Except other, Grace Slik was marked out also by a set of tricks in the spirit of the “liberated“ woman of the time: took off an undershirt during rainy performance and sang topless, drove the car drunk and constantly had accidents, became the first person who told “motherfucker“ on the American TV. Once she nearly got on reception to the president Nixon to pour to it in acid tea, and declared to one of nurses that she will call the child “god“, but only from a small letter because wants that that grew up modest.

However, over time the nonsense slowly passed. Grace still quite successfully sang in a certain reincarnation of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - JEFFERSON STARSHIP group then departed from music. She declares that to be fate - the singer in 70 years ridiculously, and the only thing what she regrets about that she did not oversleep with Jimi Hendrix and did not learn to ride horses.