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The is obliged to love? Two words about miracles of philanthrophy

Sashkin the father, Konstantin Andreevich, long ago not in. Everything so harmlessly began: he asked some nonsense, all laughed. Will sit down, happened, on hunkers, a hand on a floor will rummage around, then will stretch you invisible something and with a smile will tell: “Hold - hold a krabik! Here is tsapuchiya!“ to It eternally something seemed, heard. And once he woke up, sat down on a sofa and stiffened …

was Carried by the father`s son on doctors, and then did not sustain, sent to private clinic for mad, could not suffer more it, was afraid that he from coils will fly. As it is necessary, money allocated for contents, visited the father two times a week, brought drugs, fruit. But despite it, all the same passed nedocheloveky.

And as! His father, when that a child was, both on fishing, and in a shooting gallery with himself, and aerated water secretly from mother gave to drink, and it sent the father to a mental hospital! Now Sashka at our entrance the derelict. “Sentries“ on a bench especially like to potryndet, moan on this subject.

Oh, this universal call of duty! Someone so solved, established unwritten laws, and now any your action is considered under a microscope. A step to the left, a step to the right - execution at 24 o`clock. Zaryazhaaay! Pli!

And if to tell “I do not love our kingdom!“ still it is possible and it is even fashionable very few people will have enough courage to admit that it was got by somewhat eccentric parents or useless children. Because this, native, so is obliged to love. And if you admit very quietly to yourself that there is no your love to them any more, then then you will exhaust yourself conscience.

But if to reflect: how it is possible to love equally the son - the clear head and the son - the drunkard? The husband of the careful and “chucked-in“ everything on light idler and the grumbler? How it is possible to love the old man who drove out of mind, communication with whom throws you into cold sweat, and need to look after him limits your freedom to four walls?

To remember the past, to suffer, pay a tribute of respect, to care is signs of good education, but not always manifestation of love. Because actually the person loves only one - the freedom. Also does not love what limits it, forces to follow contrary to desires.

And in it there is nothing shameful. There is nothing shameful in admitting to themselves (and only themselves) dislike. To tell: “I do not love this person in spite of the fact that he is my father (the husband, the son). I do not love it because he is an alcoholic (the idler, the egoist)“. to Admit and further already to decide what to do with this heated truth.

It seems to me, it is better, than for many years painfully “to cultivate“ love in heart, reproaching itself with insufficient manifestation of this feeling. I was always made laugh by the phrase “love the person it what he is“. And what to do if you do not like what it is?

For me it is even not a question of morals, just I saw enough destinies destroyed by love to neighbors that learned to perceive vital events differently, without excess dramatic nature over time.

Videla of two girlfriends who became sworn enemies after one at first accepted, and discharged then from office the brother another.

I managed to watch a family in which the woman refused from “put lives“ for the sake of the husband that did not want to go with it at the end of the earth where it was shone by the favorable contract. Whether estimated its blessed “feat“? Ridiculous question. On the contrary, he so was pleasant to forbid that it does not allow 35 - to the summer person to descend to pierce ears to the cosmetologist also now to put on earrings.

Videla the adult man who was adoring the mother and highly appreciating her opinion so that it managed to turn life of those women into real hell that inadvertently were near. Like mother, it found thousands of the reasons for expression of the discontent with all their hands touched. And they suffered and only suffered. Because it is impossible to love the one who holds you on a sight.

Life is so rich in inventions that, is possible therefore I am made laugh by the people building the personal failures to the universal sizes. And I am enraged those who dare to judge others haughtily.

The categorical assessment of acts of other people kills me on the spot: “It left a family, having thrown children, so he is a rascal! And let he continues to provide a family and to care for children according to the lights, he is all the same a rascal - the rascal - the rascal!“ We do not leave by

to others the choice. Yes, someone left a family, and it is very sad. Yes, he has to care for a family because it is involved in its creation. He has to treat mother of the children because she is their mother with respect. But why he has to continue to live with it? Why he has to sleep with her if he more it does not love? It would be better if it remains and continued to live on two - three “families“? Or nevertheless left, having taken children? It is so difficult for society to please that better and not to try...

Every time the people who got up between feeling and a debt become dependent on opinion of other, stronger person or public opinion. They torment themselves with questions, look for root of all evil in the education, try to follow norms, for ears to put itself “in a system“. Instead of admitting to itself that their close it is from now on not so close and better it would not be near now. Instead of understanding that not society with its foundations appeared in this life situation, and quite specific person - you.

... Vot and Sasha is engaged in a heart-searching, everything looks for prichinno - investigative communications of the bad situation in society. And when bothers it, sits down on a sofa, rests a look against a floor and, having condensed eyebrows, remembers Konstantin Andreevich. That for some reason decided that he got to sanatorium. Calls us to himself, invites to remain “to have a rest“ and when we leave, long - long costs at a checkpoint, smiles and waves a hand after .