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Pneumatic machine gun of MR - 661K “Thrush“. Than in a revolutionary way this “a black birdie“? Eyes of the owner of

Recently and I became the owner of this “device“. Standard “To“ - the version (unimpaired), 30 - charging, similar on Israeli “ultrasonography“. After incident of three months I still feel puppyish delight and … I save up money for the bunker version.

“Nobody goes to a nirvana, having received line of “Thrush“. And here if from it to shoot, then yes, a nirvana! And in general, “Thrush“ - the best weapon of an attack plane on the hardbol“ . From a forum of players in hardbol.


1. Pleasant appearance.

2. Very convenient weapon. The thought most over ergonomics from all pneumatic weapon that I held in hand. It is convenient to shoot as from one hand (right, left, it is unimportant), and from two hands.

3. Possibility of conducting automatic firing without loss of power.

4. Penetrative ability of a bullet is much higher than my gun MP 561K which uses the same valve and a barrel with FROM 2 .

5. Rifle barrel. Therefore, firing by both lead bullets, and metal balls is possible. The pool flies further and beats more precisely.

6. “Thrush“ is made of steel and weapon plastic. It is made at Izhmekh plant which released the last 50 years the legendary gun of Makarov. Quite high quality of production of the weapon, the most part of “black birdies“ goes for export.

7. Batteries, the cheapest alkalaynovy, bought on 12 rubles apiece, serve already more than 2 - x months at almost daily postrelushka. I.e. the weapon is very economic. Electric energy is spent for the movement of the valve only at the time of a shot. How many batteries in the bunker version keep, I do not know, the motor in the bunker works constantly.

8. Question price. Even for the average Russian retail price about $220 for the standard version and $270 for bunker, in my opinion, is quite adequate. Yes, for this money it is possible to buy a bourgeois budgetary rifle. But most - that relish of “Thrush“ - firing by turns. And the pleasure from firing by turns precisely costs the money spent for it.

9. Bunker “Thrush“ turns in usual by an insert into the handle of a usual holder. And here you will not make bunker of ordinary “Thrush“. So, buy bunker “Thrush“ at once, you will not regret!

10. Huge opportunities for an upgrade and tuning.


Here what faults were found by users of “Thrush“.

1. Same, as in MP654 - To, system of giving of balls. And an illness of all of “pneumatic Makarov“ - leak of gas via the valve. But this “shortcoming“ is not critical at all. The gas spray is devastated by turns almost instantly. Two shops - and a cylinder should be changed.

2. It is impossible to fill in “device“. Neither rain, nor beer … And in the instruction nothing is told about it.

3. It is not recommended to drop too, the electronic valve can be displaced.

4. A lack of any weapon on CO2 - strong falling of power at fall of temperature. This shortcoming by transition to the filled cylinders with compressed air “is treated“.

5. And all - the weapon should be “completed“. In bunker model very shaky fastening of heavy bunker shop. 400 lead pools just do not hold this fastening, drops out. This illness by a prikleyka of steel slips around fastening of shop “is treated“.

6. At any sharp maneuvers with bunker “Thrush“ balls in the bunker strongly rattle, as in a children`s rattle.

7. There are also such claims: impossibility to shoot from bunker modification “headfirst“. Balls from shop in a trunk in such situation just do not move. The illness is treated by special spring preload which in the USA is produced in lots.

8. Bunker “Thrush“ quite noisy. The cursor in the bunker very much hoots.

But personally I see in “Thrush“ the only minus so far - all-round price of “postrelushka“ (barrels + balls). “Well, to such piece it is necessary factory on production of spheres and the compressor as at firemen“, - people at weapon forums know what they speak about. How many barrels took, all is not enough. But pleasure derived from these postrelushka is worth it! And the station on filling of barrels with compressed air or something similar will be my following acquisition. And 00 where to buy inexpensive, but good, round fraction kilograms hundred? Otherwise I will be ruined!

It is good though “Thrush“ bought very cheap. Now the most abrupt American website of sale of the pneumatic weapon sells the same model of “Thrush“, as well as my (IZH Drozd BB Pistol with Supressor), even for $329,5!

And one more subject. Tuning ! Here the imagination can be developed …

At the weapon the trunk easily changes. Many foreign firms put the long trunk closed by a casing in style of a large-caliber machine gun “the Sq.m Browning“ on “IZH Drozd“. The butt in style of the American assault rifle M - 16 is produced in Europe and the USA in lots. Freely more powerful cylinders are on sale that allows to increase the speed of flight of a bullet more than twice from standard values. The sound design allows to apply the gas pressure which is repeatedly exceeding pressure of a standard barrel. However, at the same time other setup of electronics will be required. But all this is calculated for a long time - counted. A butt - hollow that allows to place additional accumulators there. I will corrode for an external power supply for fans of unlimited firing by compressed air because consumption of electricity with a big pressure increases repeatedly, to 7 times! When firing from the car it is possible to use the special adapter not to put the battery. The weapon can be given short weight Pikanilli`s levels from all four parties. And on these levels it is possible to hang a huge number of accessories: laser tseleukazatel, tactical lamps, handles and bipods … I do not speak about various options of coloring any more. It is banal …

the Conclusion. Early we bury the Russian weapon. Our country, appears, can be the leader even in such branch as the civil weapon which is not supported by either the state, or narrow-minded public opinion. And the Thrush submachine gun - good to it confirmation.