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Pneumatic machine gun of MR - 661K “Thrush“. Than in a revolutionary way this “a black birdie“? The design of

the Design of this strange the gun - a machine gun as it was already told, is very non-standard, one may say, in a revolutionary way., It seems, and difficult (electronics, pneumatics plus mechanics), on the other hand - it is very simple and reliable.

“Thrush“ - really armor-piercing piece, nothing to break there, elastic bands and laying of the valve can be bought in any hunting shop. All the rest - in the best traditions of the Russian armorers“. Service of responses of “Otzovik“.

On appearance the weapon most of all reminds such futuristic “ultrasonography“, strict, black (the weakened modification of “KS“, is also yellow, umoshchnyonny options “K“), licked. Even the butt at first “Thrushes“ (there will be still the second, patience) is made, as at “wooden Ultrasonography“. Under a trunk, in a tsevya, the block from 6 AAA batteries settles down (finger-type), also the electronic block settles down in the same place. The shop with pools and a barrel is inserted into the handle. Aim devices open, adjustable. So far any excesses, they will be then. The trigger, is more right a trigger, does not pull the trigger, and presses the button. On the left side a rychazhok of “VKL / VYKL“, it is a safety lock. From right - fire mode switch (single, 300 vystr / min. turns on 3 bullets and 600 vystr / min. turns on 6 bullets). The butt is otjemny, regulated on length by a special insert. A short butt for an emphasis in a forearm, long - for an emphasis in a shoulder. In total.

The shop inserted into the handle the holder of CO2 of a barrel contains, a broad chamber, boxing for 30 bullets and the valve from the gun MR - 654K (the gas-balloon gun of Makarov). The broad chamber is calculated so that from 6 bullets the first and last bullets flew to turns with an identical speed. The shop is easily loaded from the accelerator of the loading which is included in the delivery package. Everything, anything superfluous.

Principle of action. the Valvate knot puts in action the electromagnet located behind the handle in a receiver, unlike other gas-balloon pneumatics where gas just pushes out a pool from shop in a trunk and further in world space. The electronic block placed in a tsevya together with battery food operates an electromagnet. At such peculiar design there is no need to spend energy of gas for operation of automatic equipment, than the high power of a shot is reached.

So, sequence of actions . We insert a gas spray into shop, we load pools. We insert batteries - 6 batteries of the AAA format. We turn on the electronic block, the VKL / VYKL switch. We insert shop, and … we look. Readiness for firing shows a red light-emitting diode. We expose the switch of rate of firing, we aim also pulyay …

the Rifle barrel of “Thrush“ allows to use both spherical lead bullets, and steel balls. Trunk length 185 mm allows to use the rejected trunks of other, more long-barreled air rifles that allows to hold low, competitive price of this remarkable weapon. A bit later “Thrush“ had a nadulny nozzle (muffler) on a trunk. Actually, this adaptation extending a trunk. Therefore, the high power of a shot became even more. The grouping at the same time either did not change, or became slightly better. And here the sound of a shot became much more silent.

2002. From news: “Quite big percent of buyers comes to shops of air guns in Moscow for the only purpose - to buy the gun MR - 661 KC “Thrush“ of the Izhevsk mechanical plant“ . By the way, “KS“ - the version weakened.

After the beginning of sales (very much even megasuccessful) designers did not rest on laurels, and created even more advanced a child. It is called simply: “Thrush“ with bunker loading. Capacity of shop - the bunker was increased more than ten times - to 400 bullets without loss of ballistic characteristics. It demanded radical processing of configuration of the weapon. The automatic machine for construct became similar to electric “drive“ for game in airsoft. Bullets are filled up in the bunker, further by means of a motor and a shnekovy spring get from below the bunker and are pushed out up, to a trunk. In it, bunker, option rate of firing can be brought to 1200 shots a minute, it is only necessary “to sew up“ other, “sports“ program in the electronic block. Just as on modern cars. From above universal fastening for optical and collimator sights is located. The butt is not otjyomny. In it the gas cylinder from which gas pushes out pools from a trunk hides.

Appearance of the weapon strongly changed. Now he reminds the fantastic blaster from the Hollywood fighters. However, the speaker electric spoils this look I will corrode, the feeding motor of bunker shop. Though … many, having bought this “device“, right there put automobile internal contacts instead of this socket. Why it is not done at plant, the secret great is...

Technical characteristics

Calibre, mm: 4,5.

Initial speed of a bullet, m/s: not less than 120.

Dulny energy, J: MR - 661K - to 7,5, MR - 661KC - to 3 J.

Length without shoulder rest - 350 mm, with a shoulder rest - 492 mm.

Length of a rifle barrel, mm: 185.

Height - 245 mm; width - 40 mm.

Weight without shoulder rest and batteries, kg: 1,4.

Weight with a shoulder rest and batteries, kg: 1,9.

Rate of firing (adjustable), in/m: 300, 450, 600.

The guaranteed resource, a stake - in shots: 5000.

Capacity of shop, balls - 30, bunker option - 400.

Dispersion diameter at a distance of 10 m, from an emphasis, mm: 40 - 50.

Pneumatics type: CO2 with electronic control.

By the way, today (2012) on domestic market in Russia both bunker, and not bunker MR - 661 are issued with the KS index (specially weakened for game in hardbol), with dulny energy to 3 J. Odnako of the ochumelets buying this “device“ it does not frighten. In Russia and the CIS countries completion is done by users, abroad specialized firms are engaged in it.