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Pneumatic machine gun of MR - 661K “Thrush“. Than in a revolutionary way this “a black birdie“? Creation history


“a black birdie“ unexpectedly “took off“ in winners of the competition “100 best goods of Russia“ of 2002. The weapon in winners! In Russia! Yes where it vidano! you heard

as thrushes sing, there is no
, not those thrushes, not field,
A thrushes, wizards thrushes,
Singing elects of Russia.

of VIA “Pesniary“

Yes … As well as possible these words define all parties of this weapon - noisy, but house, rare, but available, nestandarny and … causing delight from firing by turns which Americans call trigger - happy (an obaldeniye from firing). Plus, is that exceptional case when the Russian pneumatic weapon with pleasure is “yuzat“ also in the most foreign countries. There is more to come! Pneumatic the gun - to MR machine gun - 661K “Thrush“ is not present analogs yet. In general. Including foreign.

Target audience of this “weapon“ - fanatical fans of entertaining firing (plinking) and assault teams of players in hardbol. For fans of military style the exterior, the sizes and even a razvesovka of this gun correspond standard Israeli the gun - to a machine gun of “ultrasonography“. By the American classification such weapon is classified as sub machinegun (nedopulemyot), and by the Russian - the submachine gun.

History of birth of this of “a black birdie“ is especially interesting.

“Thrush“ is the first “pancake“ of the Russian armorers which did not become a lump. Alloy of electronics, pneumatics and mechanics. And if the mechanics is applied in weapon business the half-millennia, pneumatics, let it is slightly less, but too several centuries … And here electronics … Electronics and reliability in the opinion of “the weapon user“, to be exact the ordinary inhabitant (who thinks what everything knows), things still incompatible. And the most expensive often depends on the weapon at the person - life. Hardly anyone “will entrust the life to the battery and pair of microchips“ © Nick Steadmen. However life, as a rule, refutes any statements of newly appeared “gurus“.

You remember how electronics began to appear in cars, and over time even the most conservative motorists changed on injector cars where the engine is run by the computer. Farther it is more: today in some cars almost all systems are controlled by electronics.

There was no weapon away from world tendencies also. Development of special “weapon electronics“ began in Izhevsk still at the end of 70 - x years of the last century. Americans who began to produce in lots the “electric“ six-barreled machine gun “ìèíèãàí“ were an example. You remember Schwarzenegger in the movie “Terminator 2“? This six-barreled miracle on usual 6 works. 3rd volt accumulator.

IZh 50 was the first Soviet signs (obr. 1990) the sports gun for high-speed firing, first and the only sample of the sports weapon in the country with electronic descent. To IZh 50 electronic descents met only in the German sports guns.

Seemingly new direction began to gather speed, but the USSR collapsed here and the customer represented by the state disappeared, and money for developments of the new weapon did not become. Absolutely.

However the idea soared in air. For example, Germans made the revolver which does not shoot in others hands, defining the owner, Americans … well, bungled something too. And we than worse? And here the MR submachine gun - 661K “Thrush“ became the first serial Russian electronically - mekhanichesko - the pneumatic weapon.

Problems it was necessary to overcome a set. First of all - stagnancy of the management, unwillingness to change. The second - the target audience was not defined, to create the weapon professionally - sports or “for the people“. The third - almost absolute technical obstacle. The principle of operation of the gas-balloon weapon - use for a shot of vapors of liquid carbonic acid, excludes a possibility of firing by turns: carbonic acid evaporation speed too low to provide stable ballistics of all bullets in turn, the speed of each subsequent bullet in turn sharply falls. And so on.

However and the team which decided to make impossible possible was selected that it is necessary!

Valery Cherepanov is design engineer, the developer of an air gun of IZh - 46, gas-balloon guns IZh - 67, IZh - 671, MR - 654K.

Vladimir Shilov is the chief of factory design office, the head of development of an electronic stuffing of MR - 661K “Thrush“.

Alexander Melnik is electronics engineer, he developed the electronic trigger mechanism.

Fedor Limonov is a designer, the graduate of faculty of design of the Udmurt state university.

Also made!

Well, and tests began further. First of all, refused continuous turn, were limited to firing by the fixed turns. For this purpose between a cylinder with liquid carbonic acid and the valve regulating the portion of gas which is pushing out a bullet the special vaporizing chamber which volume was enough to push out all pools in turn with approximately identical pressure is placed. Further the electronic mechanism of descent - a cut-off was developed. And at last, that was developed, by ultrasonography - similar, recognizable design. After several years of experiments the weapon was put on the conveyor.

To tell that the weapon turned out good - means, not to tell anything. Automatic, powerful, quite exact, with small return. At the expense of a short trunk and a high speed of a bullet quite loud shot turns out. The end of a trunk is made with a diameter of 11 mm. Full illusion of firearms.

How these characteristics were reached - in the following part.