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How to survive in the big city?

without having faced in life “cardinal change of places“, this question can seem useless or even strange. But it not so. Life small provincial (or not really) the town differs from life of the big city markedly, here nobody will begin to argue, of course. For this reason, considering some difficulties of adaptation of and “all habitual“ to the new place, you should not forget about simple, but effective rules.

Megalopolises conceal in themselves huge opportunities. It is, in the majority, about career opportunities, as becomes the main reason for “overpopulation“. At the expense of a large number of persons interested to occupy the niche there are continuous “bustle“, never-ending streams of transport, the crowded subway... All this also forms that fast rate of life which will be to the taste to someone, and someone will prefer something more quietly. At similar rate of life it is very easy “to be lost“. No, to get lost on streets of the megalopolis, of course, too easily, but it is more terrible to lose the identity. Do not give in to effect of crowd. It, perhaps, the first that can be advised. On - to the beginning until you accustomed yet, live the speed, shortly, most likely, you will return to normal and will notice how your life “accelerates“... whether here it is only necessary to you? Let`s say that is necessary, and we will continue.

The golden rule remaining actual everywhere and always: main not quantity, but quality . Remember it on - more often, especially when seems to you that you will not overcome this speed (there now, we returned to it again... what to do, it - the integral characteristic of the modern world). It will not be difficult to make to you it if you are engaged in what is pleasant to you . And it is one of the main councils which should use. What you love - it will help you, will encourage you, will relieve of a depression, and can even will support... If it is not your work (that it is a pity), then let it will be your hobby . Do not refuse to yourself pleasure at least once in a week to devote itself to favourite business. It well helps to reduce stress and gives a charge of positive emotions.

Learn to give yourself pleasure! Let a source of your good mood. Read the pleasant book (10 minutes before going to bed daily - are useful, informatively and at all will not affect your mode). Begin to care for the health! (if, of course, you do not practice morning jog, 15 yet - minute charging and healthy nutrition). It is more important, than can seem at first sight. You now in the city where people so lack health. Immunity from 40 - the minute road to work and back will not become stronger - about it it is necessary cares (you will tell what all so tell? - and you do?) . It is a high time to begin. Fresh air can be “caught“ early in the morning. Make walks , park - the excellent place, receive a share of esthetic pleasure at the same time! Investigate new places of the city, new to you, - pleasantly and it is useful! Find cozy cafe where you will be able to sit behind a cup of hot chocolate and to dream. For the weekend you can get out to the nature! In a word, practice active recreation! (of course, in the activity measure accepted for you)

wants to tell Now about most important not only in minutes, hard for us, but also in our life in general. Our relatives, favourite people. It is that lifebuoy which does not allow us to drown which holds us which is so necessary to us... Do not forget about the relatives, do not feel sorry for time which you can spend with them, never you say to them that you have on them no time, it is always, as if it cost much, let even in the biggest city on light.