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Ode chesnochka!

A let`s tell the ode a chesnochka!
Chur I the first)))
“Then roofs of houses, gate and windows of the top floors were decorated with rich draperies from garlick garlands, and on the earth rituals and ceremonies of worship of garlic were executed. All members of household put on to themselves a neck wreaths from garlic. Festive celebrations opened. This holiday was called the Holiday of Worship of Garlic“.

These words are taken from the Indian medical treatise made seventeen centuries ago and found in 1890 the officer of the Indian army Bauer. Colourful festivals of garlic take place in Spain, France and even in California also now. It so takes.

History demonstrates that throughout many millennia garlic took a place of honor among herbs at the people of Egypt, Israel, Babylon, Greece and Rome.

Scientists of many countries researched medicinal properties of garlic. It became clear with incontestable reliability that the range of its medical influence is extraordinary extensive, and its application, unlike usual drugs (for example, antibiotics), absolutely safely.

Garlic kills all species of pathogenic bacteria, including bacilli, staphylococcus, streptococci, vibrioes, colibacilli. It is the only means which, along with destruction of bacteria, improves digestion and protects an organism from the poisons emitted by causative agents of various infections. It is effective even at stings of snakes, scorpions, spiders, hornets if immediately to rub it to the bitten place. &ndash garlic; fine means for clarification of intestines from all species of worms. It is very useful when processing of the suppurating wounds and to prevention of suppurations. It is successfully applied at treatment of fungal infections (uretrit, vaginit, kandidomikoz, cutting deprive, a felon).

Garlic is very effective at treatment of the repeating katar of the top airways, chronic bronchitis and other infections of an oral cavity, gums, throats, ears, a breast and even urinogenital system provided that inflammatory process proceeds not too sharply. He helps to struggle with flu (to eat and dig in the juice divorced water in a nose).

Garlic is remarkable preventive and a remedy for all is warm - vascular system. It reduces the level of cholesterol and lipoproteins of low density, dangerous to vessels. In Germany garlic is the patented medicine against atherosclerosis. Normalizing composition of blood, it interferes with formation of sclerous plaques and prevents obesity even at excess consumption of fats, without allowing them to be postponed in fabrics of our organism. Regulating coagulability of blood, it blocks formation of blood clots and dissolves the blood clots which were already in time to arise, rejuvenating blood system and normalizing blood pressure.

Garlic actively protects an organism from dangerous poisons, first of all from lead and mercury, helps a liver with neutralization of different toxins and poisons. Therefore &ndash garlic; good means from a hangover. According to the conclusion of many experts studying it, “it is difficult to imagine that there is some means, more useful, than garlic when you walk on the way to health“.

It is amazing that all described abilities of garlic arise at very small doses - rather daily to eat (it is the best of all for the night) one small segment of garlic or to drink 25 grams of garlick tincture. Pair of the average size of heads of garlic are necessary for its preparation. The cleared segments should be cut thinner plastinochka, and then to place in the half liter bottle on one third filled with vodka and to leave to be drawn in the dark at least for days. After that to add a bottle up to the top boiled water that fortress equaled to 12-13 degrees.

The medical statistics demonstrates that the greatest number of heart attacks and strokes occurs at night, most often from three to four o`clock in the morning. Exactly by this time protective effect of the garlic eaten or drunk before going to bed is maximum.

And still it is possible to smoke garlick cigarettes!

For many people to wean from an addiction to &ndash tobacco; big problem. It can be solved with the help... garlick cigarettes. The habit remains, but is filled with new, absolutely healthy contents. For production of garlick cigarettes the peeled garlic is small cut and dried up. Then it is mixed with dry leaves mother - and stepmothers. Such combination is especially useful at asthma. And to get rid of dry cough, recommend to mix garlic with a dry leaf of a peppermint and rosemary. And... you smoke to yourself on health. But be not overzealous! you remember
, “ everything is medicine and everything is &ndash poison; matter in a dose “.

And you love garlic?